10 Great Coffee Table Books

Well, unfortunately, Cosmo Kramer never really published his coffee table book about coffee tables that turned into a coffee table, but lucky for us, there are different options. I’m a hoarder, so I keep a few in spinning for inspiration at all times. Here are only a smattering of those with the most inspirational images in, funniest writing, or most important, the best covers to judge them. They’re presented in no particular order, and obviously, cannot begin to cover all the terrific books out there.

What is your favourite coffee table book? Please discuss it with us in the Comments section.


“Painting Abstraction: New Dimensions in Abstract Painting” – $75

I have to concur with Caitlin Creer about this publication. The cover looks good on a coffee table. Yup, that’s maybe somewhat superficial, but it’s true.


Tom Ford – $85

I believe this has to be the stylist publication. It. It’s simple white and black. It’s oversized. It’s all about Tom Ford in his Gucci days, and also the pictures are hot as all get-out. Actually, it’s somewhat risque, so if you have young children around, you may choose to keep this one out of view.


My Prescription for Anti-Depressive Living by Jonathan Adler – $23.07

This book literally makes me laugh out loud every time. It motivates you to be yourself, to be inappropriate, and also do ask yourself “What will Mrs. Goldstein do?” You’ll have to read it to find out what that means (it’s my favourite page of this publication).


Surfing Photographs from the Seventies Taken by Jeff Divine – $40

The ideal book for that California-Cool beach shack. It’s also the ideal book to help give you that vibe, even if the sea is far away and you have never surfed in your life.


Reference Volumes – Personalized – $195

Dictionary.com has nothing on Merriam-Webster. Let us make certain that the next generation still knows how to look up a word in the dictionary the old-fashioned manner. These stunning colors make it effortless to leave the dictionary within reach at a prime spot.

Penguin Random House

Details from Lili Diallo – $40

Lili Diallo is one of those stylists bloggers happen to be embracing since first discovering her job, and today we’ve got an inspirational glossy tome filled with her endeavors for reference.


Hue (Limited Edition) by Kelly Wearstler – $23

Interior designer Kelly Wearstler is a few steps forward in her layouts. So much so, that the very first time you see her latest project you may believe “what the hell is happening here?” This publication captures the inspiration she gets from colour, Bravura Modern, geology and, I would hazard, Miami Vice.


The Selby Is in Your Location by Todd Selby, Lesley Arfin – $23.10

Photographer Todd Selby has put his own stamp on photo styling that has often been imitated and never equaled. He shoots the abodes of artistic folks in states of carefully made disarray, which is fresh and retains these spaces from appearing like the exact same old, same old.


Andy Goldsworthy: Wall – $21.56

There are a lot of different Andy Goldsworthy novels to select from, but this one –which takes a vernacular and ubiquitous New England built element, the stone wall, also re-imagines it — constantly inspires me to look at things in a new manner.


Cabinet of Natural Curiosities – $119.95

I can not decide if I would rather have a nickel for every Tom Ford publication I see in a magazine spread along with a nickel for every copy of Cabinet of Natural Curiosities. Maybe we’d earn the most money for every time we see So I Married Adventure on a blog. I wonder if anybody has actually read that one? I digress. As for The Cabinet, I love to leave it open and out to a different page each day, so I can respect all the beautiful drawings inside.

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