How to Unscrew a Socket From a Old Floor Lamp

As time passes, the lighting socket on an old lamp might need to be repaired or replaced. Older fiber-insulated copper wires can wear thin in the connections within the socket or the socket no longer stays intact to support a bulb. Unscrewing and carrying off the socket isn’t difficult. Everything starts with removing the lamp Read more about How to Unscrew a Socket From a Old Floor Lamp[…]

Gnats in a Pond

Ponds make the ideal environment for various living animals. Some of these animals are welcomed guests while some are annoying insects. Gnats are among the more annoying guests that will use your pond to maximize their numbers. Before you can rid your pond of those nuisances, you have to first identify which sort of gnat Read more about Gnats in a Pond[…]

How to Plant Lemon Verbena

With its aromatic, edible leaves and airy white flowers, lemon verbena (Aloysia triphylla) adds value to the kitchen gardens and ornamental, low-water landscaping. It thrives within U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 to 10, where it rises as an herbaceous perennial in frost-free areas. Once established, lemon verbena demands small hands apart from Read more about How to Plant Lemon Verbena[…]

How to Decorate on Top of Kitchen Cabinets in Tuscany Style

Produce a Tuscan-inspired vignette on a kitchen cabinet top with glowing, Old World accents and rich, organic elements. Direct a trail light or recessed light fixture on screen items to emphasize features, textures and colours. Produce a Rustic Backdrop Earthy or organic textures are signature elements of a Tuscan-inspired kitchen. Including a synthetic texture to Read more about How to Decorate on Top of Kitchen Cabinets in Tuscany Style[…]