How Can Tenant Evictions Work?

An eviction is the process where an occupying tenant is legally removed by a property’s landlord. Eviction permits a landlord to retake possession of their property in the tenant before the rental agreement expires. Proper processes must be followed by landlords or risk a tenant’s competition of a courtroom nullification and the eviction. Lease Violation Read more about How Can Tenant Evictions Work?[…]

How to File for Bankruptcy on a Second Mortgage

By filing for bankruptcy, the step a individual takes when faced with insurmountable debt is represented. If you find yourself contemplating pursuing bankruptcy protection, you need to take into account the way the proceeding will impact different types of debt. By way of instance, you need to understand how to file for a bankruptcy involving Read more about How to File for Bankruptcy on a Second Mortgage[…]

Real Estate Ethics Coaching

The California Department of Real Estate does not require ethics training to obtain a real estate agent or broker’therefore license. However, membership in the National Association of Realtors, a trade association for real estate professionals, requires ethics training to ensure consumer satisfaction and protection in actual trades. The code of ethics includes duties to clients, Read more about Real Estate Ethics Coaching[…]