Homeowner's Workbook

You’ve decided to remodel your kitchen. Now what? Not knowing where to start, many homeowners fall into two camps. Some start by looking at appliances. Others start by collecting inspiring kitchen photos. Some decide they need more space. Others simply want to upgrade their present kitchen. Homeowners may find themselves in this exploration period for Read more about Homeowner's Workbook[…]

Defining Your Style: Only Love

Sometimes when you’re trying to define your style, you’re tempted to say you’re”contemporary” or”diverse” or”jagged Victorian with a touch of mid-century contemporary with a penchant for greens and golds.” But then you see a really amazing Feng Shui design and you wonder if you should tack that on to the definition of the”style.” Well, I Read more about Defining Your Style: Only Love[…]

Kitchen of the Week: Old Meets New in the Northwest

This eclectic Washington kitchen gets most of its inspiration from the clients’ much-loved past residence. Though they were moving into a brand-new home, the clients wanted to integrate salvaged bits in their initial Tudor-style house. Designers at Seattle’s NB Design Group utilized modern materials in a clean design to offset the older elements, making a Read more about Kitchen of the Week: Old Meets New in the Northwest[…]

Kitchen of the Week: Modern and Bright at 90 Square Feet

When you have a small kitchen, it’s simple to start moaning and groaning about it. Steve Justrich, on the other hand, celebrates the shortage of footage of his kitchen. “My doctrine isn’t to have to walk more than three steps between appliances and counters, and have every thing within a fully extended arm’s reach,” he Read more about Kitchen of the Week: Modern and Bright at 90 Square Feet[…]

Organic Forms: Nature's Symbols in Home Décor

The iconography of nature adds intriguing form to fabrics, walls, furniture and so many other everyday items. Inspired by nature, designers combine the beautiful and the functional, the organic and the artificial, reason and poetry. The end result is a style that celebrates nature’s inherently good layout in home accessories that need a second look. Read more about Organic Forms: Nature's Symbols in Home Décor[…]

Open House: Designers Produce Uplifting Sanctuaries

The Good Shepherd Center for Homeless Women & Children at Los Angeles opened its doors last summer to tours of 30 rooms beautifully decorated by leading designers in Los Angeles. These designers worked pro bono with the donations of numerous inside design organizations to create beautiful environments. The Good Shepherd Charity Project has been managed Read more about Open House: Designers Produce Uplifting Sanctuaries[…]