Tastemaker: Meet Reiko Kaneko's Modern China

British designer Reiko Kaneko functions with a very traditional English substance — bone china. Normally reserved for good table settings or higher society tea parties, Kaneko uses bone china in more playful and regular applications. Coffee mugs, eggcups, and even shot glasses are all carefully molded from this delicate substance. Her minimalist design has a Read more about Tastemaker: Meet Reiko Kaneko's Modern China[…]

Geek Chic: Brains Stay in Harmony

We have all learned of the Left Brain vs. Right Brain concept. Mathematics and Science vs. Imagination. Logic vs. Instinct. Analytic vs. Holistic. The list continues. The thought got me thinking about house layout. Perhaps my left brain buddies (and spouse) do not appreciate this layout, enhance, make-your-home-look-fine thing as much as I do because Read more about Geek Chic: Brains Stay in Harmony[…]