How to Clean Vinyl Wire Shelves

Vinyl-coated cable shelving is in several areas of the house, from bedroom closets to kitchen cabinets, storing everything from clothing to household chemicals. Because these shelves have been so versatile, they’re prone to becoming dirty or sticky over time. Citrus-based cleaners or vinegar get these shelves tidy again. Citrus for Stickiness If the vinyl layer Read more about How to Clean Vinyl Wire Shelves[…]

Most Efficient Pond Aerating Fountains

An efficient pond aerating fountain keeps your pond clean and clear by putting oxygen back into the water, which maintains algae growth to a minimum. It also inhibits the breeding of mosquitoes, while promoting a healthy aquatic environment for fish and seeing wildlife. Another bonus is that it also prevents odors normally associated with stagnant Read more about Most Efficient Pond Aerating Fountains[…]