Sizes of Toddler Bed Blankets

Toddler blankets fit a need for your developing kid who has passed infancy but is not yet ready for a twin-size bed. Crib blankets are out, replaced with ones which are slightly bigger and wider. Bedding manufacturers and specialty children’s shops increasingly carry bed blankets which cater to this in-between era.

Make It Fit

Toddler bed blankets vary based on the manufacturer, but most average approximately 40-by-60 inches, made to accommodate the average height and weight of toddlers. Some specialty retailers offer an oversize toddler blanket measuring 44-by-60 ins. The normal toddler is 35-to-40 inches tall, reports that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, so select a toddler blanket size that fits your specific child. Look at her or his growth pattern make sure that you purchase one that will serve your needs until your kid moves into a twin bed.

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