How to Clean Vinyl Wire Shelves

Vinyl-coated cable shelving is in several areas of the house, from bedroom closets to kitchen cabinets, storing everything from clothing to household chemicals. Because these shelves have been so versatile, they’re prone to becoming dirty or sticky over time. Citrus-based cleaners or vinegar get these shelves tidy again.

Citrus for Stickiness

If the vinyl layer is sticky, then dab a small amount of a citrus-based product used to eliminate sticker residue on a paper towel. Wipe the entire shelf down in case the whole shelf is tacky, or merely the affected areas.

Revitalize With Vinegar

For an overall cleaning, wipe the shelves down with a dry paper towel or a stationary dust-grabbing fabric to eliminate dry, loose dirt and dust. Pour a small vinegar on a damp sponge and wipe down the entire shelf surface to give it a thorough cleaning. Drying the shelf with a paper towel afterward helps prevent corrosion.

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