How to Determine Square Footage of a House

Whether you’re a realtor, mortgage lender or only a homeowner, knowing how to determine the square footage of your house is useful. Standards for measuring and calculating residential square footage are set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Compliance with the ANSI standard is voluntary, but is advocated by the National Association of Home Read more about How to Determine Square Footage of a House[…]

The Way to Find a Low Rate When Refinancing

According to the University of Illinois, “Refinancing a mortgage is simply taking out a new mortgage to pay off the existing loan on a home. ” Refinancing can allow a homeowner to lower her monthly prices by securing a low-rate home mortgage. Homeowners can search for a low-rate loan on the internet. Visit the yearly Read more about The Way to Find a Low Rate When Refinancing[…]

Real Estate Ethics Coaching

The California Department of Real Estate does not require ethics training to obtain a real estate agent or broker’therefore license. However, membership in the National Association of Realtors, a trade association for real estate professionals, requires ethics training to ensure consumer satisfaction and protection in actual trades. The code of ethics includes duties to clients, Read more about Real Estate Ethics Coaching[…]

The Bay Window Functions Modern

When modern and contemporary design “abandon” traditional architectural components in favor of new forms, among the components left behind is the bay window. Yet when we think of those components as reinterpretations of customs in architecture rather than abandonments (columns, by way of instance, are turned into skinny pilotis without details such as capitals), then Read more about The Bay Window Functions Modern[…]

See a Luxurious Australian Garden That Requires Little Water

This motivated garden in the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia, has functioned as a test garden for award-winning landscape designer Arthur Lathouris for 15 years. The cool climate and high altitude are not easy to utilize, but Lathouris’ combination of hardy, lush plants flourishes. The Lathouris family home is surrounded by the 3,500-square-foot oasis; it Read more about See a Luxurious Australian Garden That Requires Little Water[…]

Sweet Ideas and a Truffle Recipe from a Chocolatier's Test Kitchen

Jane Morris’ house kitchen started seeing much more action when she closed her favorite Washington, D.C., chocolate boutique in March 2013 and began testing recipes for her new online shop, J. Chocolatier. Producing fine chocolates is a sensitive procedure, along with the sexy D.C. summers and also her older store’s historic construction hadn’t been a Read more about Sweet Ideas and a Truffle Recipe from a Chocolatier's Test Kitchen[…]