11 Ways to Roll With Wallpaper All Over Your House

I meet a lot of those who have reservations about background. Two of the most common questions I’m asked are: “Is Not background from style?” And “Is not background a lot of maintenance?”

My stock response: no, really it’s just the opposite. Wallpaper is quite much in vogue, and I believe it always will be. Additionally, in most cases it’s a lot easier to clean than painted partitions. Appropriate setup by a professional wallpaper hanger and a high quality paper are crucial.

Leland Interiors, LLC

Wallpaper is a wonderful design instrument. I use it for almost every job: bedrooms, bathrooms, stairs, kitchens and closets. Title a flat surface; I have probably papered it. Below are a few creative programs of background by gifted designers. Consider these for your own home — you will be hooked. Wallpaper is here to stay.

In the tub. When you have tile wainscoting in a toilet, think about wallpaper above the tile line, or the upper two thirds of this wall. Wallpaper that’s installed correctly can withstand the relaxing surroundings of showers. Ventilating with windows or using a fan is a fantastic idea.

M.A.D. Megan Arquette Design

As an accent wall. Wallpaper one accent wall and use a coordinating paint colour for the remaining walls. Pick a pattern you enjoy — floral, geometric or abstract — and also pair neutral furniture pieces together with the wall. And yes, hang art directly on the wallpapered wall.

Slifer Designs

A wallpapered accent wall in a room with numerous pitches looks terrific. The background creates highlights and contrast the design.

Elizabeth Reich

In the entry. Wallpaper works great within an entry and a stairwell. A bold wallpaper pattern can really bring life to the first-impression space. I particularly like background up a stairwell if I am working with a smaller budget which does not allow for pricey finish carpentry. Notice the switch plate at the base of the staircase that’s perfectly camouflaged from the background pattern.

Martha O’Hara Interiors

Behind shelves. Create curiosity about a room by wallpapering the backs of bookshelves. Highlighting bookshelves this way produces a distinctive display space for cherished accessories and family photos.

Dufner Heighes Inc

Above wainscoting. When you have a room with high wood wainscoting, look at wallpapering the upper third of this wall. I like the bold combination here of a background and a midcentury table and chairs.

Heather Garrett Design

In the kitchen. This application of background is brilliant. The designer selected a white subway tile backsplash having an open shelf above the dash line. Wallpaper was implemented above the open plate just. It’s great use of background in the kitchen which still allows for effortless cleaning.

Alice Lane Home Collection

Paper in the rear of kitchen cabinets. This works particularly well with painted cabinets. A dab of bright background looks great with white cups and plates, making things easier to view.

In a frame. Employ wallpaper inside wall molding to produce your own canvas of background art. In case you have wall molding in a pattern, think about a whimsical installation.

House of L Interior Design

In a powder room. When you have a powder room with exposed plumbing, background is a fantastic way to dress up the plumbed wall. Note the way the background here adds to the furniture-style feel of this vanity.

Charmean Neithart Interiors

As a cupboard detail. One reason I enjoy a Shaker-style cupboard door is that background looks great in the recessed portion of the door. Here a textured grass fabric on the drawer fronts adds comparison to the painted built-in.


On the Staircase. Add interest to stair risers using background. Stairwells are high-traffic places in many houses; kick up your walk upstairs a notch having a fun routine. I’ve observed a thin acrylic sheet placed over risers for protection. That would work nicely here also.

Elizabeth Gordon

Wallpaper the ceiling! When you have a recessed ceiling depth out of a cove or a different architectural detail, think about wallpaper using a coordinating wall shade. Note the positioning of the ceiling fixture here; it makes a fantastic focal point against the routine.

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