Organic Forms: Nature's Symbols in Home Décor

The iconography of nature adds intriguing form to fabrics, walls, furniture and so many other everyday items. Inspired by nature, designers combine the beautiful and the functional, the organic and the artificial, reason and poetry. The end result is a style that celebrates nature’s inherently good layout in home accessories that need a second look.

Put nature under your feet with this stunning and multi-dimensional rug. There is a festival of colors and shapes here with a very organic feel.

Cristi Holcombe Interiors, LLC

Nature’s symbols are observed in a cushion and the foundation of a lamp within this comfy living room. Designers use nature as a guide when creating, providing accessories that enhance the interiors of your house.

Jungle Flower Outdoor Pillow – $29

Tropical iconography covers these cushions for a natural motif. Use these in your outdoor furniture for a casual accent that uses bold colors and stunning blooms.

Pottery Barn

Hand-Carved Wood Vessel – $29.99

Hand-carved wood vases serve many functions while bringing nature indoors.


Vinyl Wall Decal Forest with BirdsHome Decor Murals by WowWall – $98

These full-scale stickers, depicting birch trees, bring the enchantment of this woods home.

Switch Modern

Kenneth Cobonpue Bloom Lounge Chair – $2,285

The Bloom Lounge, a lavish chair made of hand quilted microfiber seems bursting with life thanks to designer Kenneth Cobonpue. The blossom inspiration is evident in the form and delicacy of the lounge chair.


‘Tree of Life’ by Gary, Aaron & Khairul – SGD 45

Tiny animal figures join to produce the postage of a shrub within this poster made as a call to understanding. Tree of Life represents the life of animals in the rainforest. The designers of the piece aim to alert the general public about our duty of halting the destruction of the animals’ habitat.

Divine Design+Build

Printed panels enhance the beauty of the outside and bring the view from the window indoors.

ABC Carpet & Home

Arper Leaf Chaise/Daybed – $2,388

The Arper Leaf Chaise from ABC Carpet & Home imitates a delicate leaf.


Grassy Lawn Charging Station – $24.99

This creative charging station features artificial grass that holds your electronics while they charge. It is a nature-inspired way to hide your camera and phone while keeping them handy.

Niche Interiors

Look to the organic world when choosing a wallpaper. This stunning leaf pattern boosts the impact of all other components within this area.

Stray Dog Designs

Terrell Swan Chandelier – $1,065

The designer of the whimsical papier-mâché chandelier from Stray Dog Designs borrowed the attractiveness of the woods when creating this lighting fixture. A four-arm light cluster glows in the middle of blooming green.

Polder Sofa by Vitra – $9,540

Polder is the term used in Holland to describe the artificial property taken from the sea by means of draining canals. This inspired designer Hella Jongerius to create this unusual sofa. The Polder Sofa, from Vitra, is horizontal and low-lying; just like Holland’s picture.


Natural White Birch Wood Coasters by Urban + Forest

Natural birch coasters serve as exquisite mats for beverages and can also be used as impromptu foundations for accessories that deserve a little attention.

How have you attracted nature inside? Share your ideas below!

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