How to Unscrew a Socket From a Old Floor Lamp

As time passes, the lighting socket on an old lamp might need to be repaired or replaced. Older fiber-insulated copper wires can wear thin in the connections within the socket or the socket no longer stays intact to support a bulb. Unscrewing and carrying off the socket isn’t difficult. Everything starts with removing the lamp shade and light bulb and unplugging the lamp for safety. In most cases, a pliers and screwdriver are the only tools needed to perform the job.

Grip the sloping rim in which the lower and upper halves of the lighting socket match together with your thumb and finger. Grip the top half of the socket using the other hand and then work it back and forth, while lifting it in exactly the identical time, to separate the upper and lower halves of the socket and reveal the wiring connections.

Loosen the cable terminal screws at each side of the top half of the socket counterclockwise using a screwdriver. Pull off the ends of the wires from each terminal. Set the top half of the socket aside.

Loosen the small setscrew in which the base of the socket’s lower half attaches at the threaded stem of the lamp by turning it counterclockwise using a small screwdriver. Skip this step if the lighting socket doesn’t have a setscrew.

Unscrew the socket in the threaded stem counterclockwise and pull it on the ends of the wires to eliminate it.

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