Tips to Prevent Home Foundation Issues

The foundation is one of the most important parts of your home. It’s the rock-solid ground in which your home stands. Building a quality foundation is not a problem. The challenge often comes with maintenance. Because the foundation tends to be hidden, it’s very easy to miss important damages. This, however, can be avoided with simple maintenance tips. Taking care of your foundation repair Orange County does not take a lot. As long as you keep a simple maintenance routine, then your foundation will serve you for very long.

The following are a few foundation maintenance tips that you can explore anytime:

Drain Water Away from House

Water is the biggest threat to your foundation. Waterlogged foundation is not good. It weakens its structure and eventually it leads to cracks and other issues. As a preventive measure, you need to make sure that your property is properly drained. A drainage system that captures water from the roof and redirects it away from the foundation is needed. You must also install a drainage system that prevents water from accumulating on your compound and around the foundation area. There are companies today that offer foundation waterproofing services and they can really help you with this issue.

Plant Trees and Shrubs Away from Your Home

If you plan to plant a few trees on your property, make sure they are far away from the home and its foundation. Trees have very strong roots that can go very deep into the ground. The roots grow expansively. If the tree is close to the home, the roots might just grow to the extent of damaging the foundation. Although this might take longer, it will eventually cost you a lot.

Maintain Moisture Levels

Although water is the biggest cause of foundation damage, it’s still needed to keep it healthy. However, the moisture level around the foundation area needs to be carefully controlled. You can install a sprinkler system to help keep the Orange County foundation moist. This will help you prevent cracking during the dry months. You can also achieve this by embedding the foundation. This is a process where the soil is compacted around the foundation. The soil is able to absorb and retain moisture at the required levels. This will prevent the foundation from drying and eventually cracking. As a rule of thumb, you need to embed the foundation with two inches of thick soil.

Do Regular Foundation Inspection

Even if you are doing all the maintenance needed for the Orange County concrete, there could be a few subtle problems that can only be identified by an expert eye. It’s, therefore, important to do regular foundation inspection. Once or twice a year will be good. Inspections will help identify small issues before they become big. They will also ensure that the foundation is in good condition all year round.

The foundation is by far the most important part of any building and it should get all the care it needs.