Would You Machine Wash Sheepskin Baby Rugs?

You can machine wash sheepskin rugs to keep the fleece and hide. Though genuine sheepskin includes lanolin, a wax with antifungal and antibacterial properties, you need to wash the rug monthly. Wash the rug with a wool wash specifically formulated for sheepskin goods to control bacteria and reduce dust mites and allergens. A formulation using a conditioning agent lubricates the leather and also keeps your natural-fiber product supple.

Restoring With Wool Wash

Shake out the rug outside to remove dust and debris. Put the washer temperature setting to cool or lukewarm water around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The delicate or wool setting for a delicate, four-minute cycle prevents surplus churning and matting the wool. Contain a wool-wash formulated without antioxidants and phosphates. Do not use a water softener. Based upon the wool wash, a few formulations require no scratching, just one rinse or a double rinse. Contain the spin cycle to extract excess water. Promptly remove your kid’s rug from the wash.

Air Drying the Rug

Stretch the moist rug to its original shape, brush the fibers using a wire brush and then hang it to dry on a clothesline over a tub or a drier rack. Do not machine dry this pure product or put it on a heater. Let the rug air dry gradually, without direct sun and artificial warmth, to prevent shrinking and hardening. Brush the dry rug using a wire brush to help reestablish the fluff.

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