The best way to Use Mulch Around Hedges

Spreading mulch around hedges and landscaping crops increases your crops’ developing atmosphere in addition to the appearance of your home’s landscape. Mulch increases the soil’s capacity to keep water, thus decreasing the need for irrigation. As time passes, natural mulches decay, including nutrients to the soil. Mulch also deters grasses and weeds from lessening the need for reducing, developing or pulling, particularly in difficult-to-reach location such. Mulch under your hedges the soil has started to warm as well as subsequent to the threat of of frost has passed.

Calculate the square footage of the location by measuring the length of the hedges using a measuring tape being mulching. Measure in the back foliage line out in the root when measuring the width or depth of the hedgerow. Multiply the length times the width to find out the complete region.

Purchase enough mulch to protect the region into a depth of 3 or 4″. One cubic yard of mulch will protect around 80 square-feet 4″ deep.

Pull all weeds and undesirable plants in the area.

Spread mulch on the floor under hedges using fingers, hay fork, garden shovel or a pitch fork. The layer of mulch should be about 4″ deep. Pull the mulch about one to two inches away from your bottom of every plant to reduce the possibility of bark decay. Spread the mulch to at least 3-feet in the bottom, whichever is farther or the exterior edge of the foliage.

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