Strawberry Parfait Trees

Strawberry Parfait (Malus “Strawberry Parfait”) is a well-known flowering crabapple cultivar seen as a vibrant pink flowers as well as a broad, open spread. The the initial form of the tree along with with yearlong decorative worth aids to make Strawberry Parfait a specimen of low-growing shade-tree in the house landscape.


Strawberry Parfait grows into a height of between 8 to 15 feet, using a comparable spread. In the spring, the tree creates flower buds that open to expose big, showy flowers which are pink on the inside and dark-pink on the surface. Yellowish- red or cream -coloured fruits carry on on to the cold temperatures, offering prolonged decorative value and appear in the period. Foliage emerges maroon and turns green by summer.


Strawberry Parfait is appropriate for USDA zones 4 to 8, where it is going to grow best in an area with immediate, all-day sunlight. Although tree might tolerate a little shade, it can be more vulnerable to illness if grown in shady circumstances and will produce less flowers. Strawberry Parfait is relatively tolerant of drought once proven. The tree can become a nuisance as the tree drops fresh fruit frequently if planted immediately next to walkways or sidewalks.


Like crab apples, Strawberry Parfait is adaptable to your range of soil problems, although it’s going to look its best in a well-draining, slightly acid soil. The tree can grow in clay in addition to websites, though it’ll not tolerate areas which are flooded or water-logged. Strawberry Parfait will create fresh fruit, its most healthy flowers and foliage if provided watering during prolonged dry periods. New trees need regular watering to help create roots.


Strawberry Parfait is a a more recent crabapple cultivar that provides resistance to illnesses and pests, especially in the Pacific North-West. The tree is a small vulnerable to apple scab which could cause leaf places that are ugly on foliage. Removing leaves from underneath the tree can aid to keep the location from harboring fungus. For a clean look, Strawberry Parfait ought to be pruned to remove lifeless or old branches.

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