Wipe Up 16 Stylish Ways to Display Towels

It’s hot outside as I am writing this, and humid weather combined with high temperatures may mean longer — or more — showers daily. If you’re lucky, the summertime enable you to spend an excess half-hour lingering in the pool. All this bathing, sun worshipping and cool-water wading can just mean one thing: a spike in towel usage. Give your home a boost in style and practicality by showing off your terry cloths fashionably while keeping them accessible — and, more important, clean and fresh.

Emily Elizabeth Interior Design

Decals and hooks. The tree blossom in this modern bathroom makes all of the difference and transforms two tsp hooks in to art. This whimsical hook-and-decal mix could work for so many tree sticker designs on the market, even when paired with standard, store-bought hooks.

Tip: most of us enjoy fluffy towels and often fall dry with this result. However, Charlotte Riley from the Turkish Towel Company recommends using a lower heat setting and switching between heat and air drying to prevent damaging the integrity of the cotton.

Sullivan, Goulette & Wilson Ltd.. Architects

Scattered hooks. This colorful industrial-modern abode has five kids, which means hooks and bars abound in the bathroom. A lineup of hooks positioned directly outside of the shower doors ensures towels are always within reach. The red, blue and purple colors of the towels reflect the bright paint colors of the ducts that are exposed, developing a joyous mood in an otherwise quite neutral space.

Alex Amend Photography

On a rung. Add a bit of country chic into a modern eclectic bath with a ladder, and then use the rungs as towel bars. This blue ladder is right at home in this setup and a fitting match to the orange bench cushion.

Witt Construction

Quilt racks. Blanket or quilt racks create perfect freestanding towel racks. You may move them around the bath and hang towels flat or folded; they are certainly a flexible towel display option. Quilt racks also save space and, as shown by this picture, can hold numerous towels on a single bar.

Munger Interiors

Side-by-side hooks. The lovely apple green and blue striped layout adds loads of colour play to this particular area; it also reproduces the beach theme of the home. Hanging towels side by side on hooks lets you store a lot of them in a little space and gives each towel a opportunity to wash correctly when unfurled.

Tip: Add a cup of white vinegar (which eliminates excess detergent) into the wash cycle once a month to revive towels’ absorbency.

Nicole Lanteri Design

Tiers. A modern urban loft switches up things in the bathroom by taking the spine tower shelf from the living area to the bath.

Debra Campbell Design

Overhead racks. The tone-on-tone layering of neutrals on this towel rack goes well with the buttery tones of the window dressing, wall therapy and tub shade. Notice how the towels’ way of adhering from the tiers mimics the lean of the plant leaves.

Greenbelt Construction

Vanities. The wrapped and wrapped towels in this eclectic bath reinforce its colour motif. Together with the splashes of colour and feel of the pink wall and art, in addition they brighten up a bathroom that would otherwise sense staid.


Additionally baskets. This coastal-traditional bathroom’s white and aqua colour scheme is reinforced by the rolled towels peeking from the basket. Everything about the space is cooling to the eye — right down to the liquid hand soap. Look at repurposing a tin bin or a ceramic bowl if you don’t have a basket handy around the home — it will serve the identical purpose of displaying your towels on the ground.

Kerri Robusto Interiors

Open shelves. There are many things to appreciate about this eclectic bath, starting with the towel stack. It’s neat, colorful and totally accessible.

Cabinets and chests. What’s great about keeping towels in a vintage piece like this cupboard is the towels are protected from dust and dirt. Keep them smelling fresh by tucking a bar of triple-milled soap in between the folds.

Leonard Grant Architecture

From the tub. Nothing leaves neatniks shudder over a dirty towel on the ground, however an unfurled, stylishly placed white towel by the tub oozes luxury and decadence in the home.

Tip: Save energy and hang your towels on a clothesline. The sunlight will keep them fresh and crisp and will naturally kill bacteria.

XTC Design Incorporated

In cubbies. Give your bathroom a spa-like feel by rolling towels in tight coils and keeping them in cubbies.

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..

Hotel stand. Up the elegance of the room over your bathroom by installing a stand along with a towel bar. The crisp and neat display of towels overhead is sophisticated and relatively easy to pull away.

Moroso Construction

On a stool. This modern, minimalist bathroom could earn a regular bather from anyone. Use the stool to get a rolled or unfurled towel, or just take a seat and relax as you draw yourself a bath.

Tip: A single towel rack (instead of a tiered hanging rack like in this picture) would also work in a minimalist bath. Look at dressing up the display by putting a freshly cut flower on the wrapped towel or tying the towel with a ribbon.

Gast Architects

A mixture of styles. In case you can’t devote to a particular display style, why not decide on a few? This modern bath has piled and wrapped towels overhead and gives the option of using hooks as well.

ers, tell us : How to do you store your towels in your home?

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