Discover the Easy Adventure of Backyard Camping

An affordable vacation might seem like an oxymoron, but it’s just a matter of staying in your own backyard. If you’re looking for a fun family activity this summer, think about taking to the fantastic outdoors for a night. Setting up a campground on your yard gives your family a essential break from anxiety and can still feel to be an exciting excursion for the children.

If you are not certain where to start, pocket some of the following tips and prepare for a night under the stars.


Bell Tent – GBP 485

Prepare your backyard teeming with the same attention to detail which you would provide any camping trip. Packing up backpacks and hiking from the lawn to put up the tent will make the experience seem as exciting as a trip to the hills.

First things first: You will probably need a tent. Based upon how big your family and whether your children want their own area, you may want everyone inside one or have a second available if necessary.

Buy the largest tent you can afford, since you are always going to need additional distance (especially if the entire family is going to share a single one). Tents can morph into lively forts for children throughout camping, so be certain to give them enough room to play and sleep comfortably.

Ozark Trail Tent – $49.97

This tent sleeps five and comes at a fair cost.

Renting camping gear may be a good alternative if you’re testing the waters. But, you can most likely find a tent at a local chain store that is less expensive than leasing.


Anorak Kissing Stags Sleeping Bags – EUR 59

As soon as you have the tent setup, make a comfortable and inviting sleeping area inside. This sleeping bag from Anorak is perfect for an outdoor experience. Do not forget to pile up lots of cotton blankets in preparation for any temperature changes throughout the night.

Line the floor of the tent with a thick comforter for additional cushioning — a blow-up mattress is not necessary if you are sleeping on your cushy lawn.

Jobe Corral Architects

Grilling over a fire a part of the enjoyment of swimming, so make sure you have the essential products. These children know that the best part of being outdoors is surely the s’mores!


Smith & Hawken 33-Inch Copper Fire Bowl – $119.99

Invest in a portable fire pit like this Smith & Hawken fire bowl. This may be a safer choice than a fast DIY fire pit to the weekend, especially if you’ve got little children.

11-Piece Fire Pit Cookout Set – $58.26

Do not overlook the cooking fundamentals. This collection includes all you will need for outdoor grilling, including square pie irons, picnic forks and a s’more manufacturer.


Zeterre Landscape Architecture

Do not forget to pick up an outdoor table to eat on, if you don’t desire ants as a side dish for your dinner.

For your backyard camping trip, simply drag your patio or picnic table from the”campsite” and you’ll be all set.

Food Tent – $2.97

It is inevitable that campsites get buggy, therefore think about a food tent to cover the ready food out.


Yellow Citronella Torch – $8.95

Speaking of bugs, put money into a citronella candle to keep yourself itch free the next morning.

Hint: Choose candles at a design that you’ll want to keep around your porch all summer, like these citronella torches from Crate & Barrel.


Lamplight Tiki 4-Ounce Citronella Mini Bucket – $10.40

If you want something more portable, citronella candle buckets will do just fine.

The Penguin Book of Ghost Stories – $3

Of course, no camping excursion is complete without a late-night ghost story. Thrill the kids and have fun around the campfire with a fantastic collection of tales to chill one to the bone.

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