The way to Make an Air Conditioner Colder

Air conditioners work on the grounds of exchanging air inside your house with air from the outside. The hotter the air that’s flowing into your air conditioner from the outside, the colder you are going to have to place the air conditioner thermostat to cool off the air indoors. You can prove yourself by turning the thermostat on the air conditioner into the maximum setting on a really hot day, then on a just warm moment. On a warm day, the room will become chilly; on a really hot day the room will just become comfortable. That principle, and also basic upkeep, can be used to create a air conditioner colder.

Clean the filter in your air conditioner. Unplug the air conditioner. Remove the filter. Add dish soap into your bucket of water to create a sudsy solution. Dip the filter into the process several times to remove any dirt and grime. Instead, if your air conditioner’s filter doesn’t have a frame, then dip the polyurethane filter into the bucket several times and wring it out each time. Wash the filter. Allow it to dry completely before reinserting it back into the filter casing.

Brush the grill forks indoors and outside to remove dirt, dust and fuzz, using a toothbrush.

Put the air conditioner on the east or north side of the house in which there is the most shade.

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