The Spring Colors Invigorate of Pantone Rooms

For many years Pantone has been leading the way for color tendencies, releasing the sought-after colors that designers follow as they create new products in various businesses. Pantone’s spring 2012 colours — from lively pastels to vibrant brights — encompass everything from mild, breezy aesthetics to contemporary classics. According to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, “Consumers seem to spring for renewed energy, optimism and a promise of a brighter day.”

From the soul of the remark, especially bright and optimism days, let’s take a journey through the classic rainbow, together with Pantone’s take on the year’s top color trends.

Judith Balis Interiors

Red = Pantone’s Cabaret. This season, red delivers with a punch. It is more rosy and sensuous, and truthfully feels fuchsia or magenta. As it’s such a solid color, consider adding it in to your home through beams, such as these seats. Even the doses will capture the attention.

Peggy Hart Home

According to Pantone, Cabaret is best paired with colours of similar nature, such as oranges, such as an ultrabold vibrant appearance.

Fiorella Design

Orange = Pantone’s Tangerine Tango. Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2012, Tangerine Tango is predicted to stay hot through fall. According to Pantone, it’s supposed to “supply the energy increase we need to recharge and proceed,” while feeling somewhat “exotic, but at a really friendly, nonthreatening way.”

Consider picking up some paint within this red-orange hue and adding a spark of sudden color with a small but seductive accent wall.

LLC, Cristi Holcombe Interiors

Much like Cabaret, Tangerine Tango requires attention. When a wall is too over the top for you, work it in through small doses and then balance it with this year’s top gray shade, Driftwood.

Gary Hutton Design

Yellow = Pantone’s Solar Power. Solar Power is a warm, cheery yellow intended to fill a room with energy. It is predicted that the color will be most on tendency mixed with blues.

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Energize your kitchen with a Solar Power yellowish countertop. It will always feel like sunlight is shining.

Amy Lau Design

Green = Pantone’s Margarita. This yellow-green, found here on the mattress’s linens, is intended to deliver a spirited feel, not unlike the drink that was its namesake. Pair it with carrot tones to take that spirited feel to another level.

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Or mix it among neutrals. Alongside Driftwood, the gray neutral for the summer, Pantone developed Starfish, a beige neutral.This darker beige has elements of pistachio in it, much like the rug seen in this photo.

Blue = Pantone’s Cockatoo. This year’s blue works in parts of green to further accentuate a fresh, vibrant texture. Inside this bathroom, it takes centre stage when paired with a simple white bathtub and a red antique chair.

Story & Space – Color Guidance and Interior Design

One of the simpler ways to slip these colours into your space is by way of small furnishings here and there. In this bedroom, Cockatoo is symbolized with a small bedside table.

Luck Stone Center

Indigo = Pantone’s Sodalite Blue. Sodalite Blue is a bit of a union between cobalt and midnight blue, and is supposed to calm the space. It also blends with all of the season’s top colours: a stool at a color much like Margarita pops against these deep blue drawers.

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Again, you can balance the gloomy with neutrals. Warm your bedroom neutralized with Starfish linens. A hint of Tangerine Tango will give it just the character it needs.


Violet = Pantone’s Bellflower. This year’s purple is best described as a edgy lavender. As you can see, it creates a statement for a wall color that is both fresh and modern.

CWB Architects

To round out the color trends, we are going to add one more color to our rainbow: pink. Pink this season is observed in a Pantone color named Sweet Lilac.Like its namesake, it’s very soft and romantic. It is predicted to function best with colors of blue and green, which can readily be pulled in through art, as seen in this example.

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Or neutralize Sweet Lilac with Driftwood gray. This appearance combines masculine elements with the feminine, mixing the best of both worlds.

Tangerine Tango: Four Ways to Use Pantone’s Color of the Year

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