Something a Little Different: Fairy Houses

This really is something a little different than what it is you’re used to watching on Houzz, but after walking through a cold house neighborhood (what my grandfather always known as”the deep, dark forest”), I felt compelled to share this unique structure with you. Nestled into the moss, hidden rocks, under the spruce tree branches, lands for otherworldly creatures abound. You only need to know where to look for them. Fairy houses started as a convention in the islands of Maine, but their popularity has spread to many different areas.

Thanks to Sookie Stackhouse, fairies are in, witches are yesterday’s news, and werewolves are outside until another film where Taylor Lautner seems gratuitously shirtless opens in theaters (November 18!) . So let us check out the way these chic fairies are residing.

A twig log cabin structure, birch roof, and bluestone pebble path give this fairy cottage a rustic chic appearance.

Whimsical branches topped with shells, in addition to a flooring crafted out of mussel shells give this woodsy abode a few beach chic.

A group of mussel shells atop a stump create a great meeting spot. They may even motivate you to get from the old glue gun and earn a mussel shell wreath.

It is fun to check through the forest and see that a variety of architects have inserted their own fairy houses to the neighborhood. This one likes to stick to a strictly sticks-and-stones material palette.

I think that the elements may have eliminated this fairy home’s roof, but it nevertheless produces a good spot for a few fairy glamping.

It is also fun to learn how these homes fare from the start of summer to end. This June-built dwelling transformed into this pretty assemblage by late August.

Another home using a birch roof and adhere walls uses shells to generate its yard more inviting. It’s fairy curb appeal.

This tiny lean-to has water views and is nestled close to the spot where the forest meets the rocky shore. The day after Hurricane Irene, the roofline’s changed a bit, but overall, this fairy home held up pretty well!

The deepest of fairy real estate, this beachfront fairy shack is for fairy moguls only.

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Look closer; it even uses a fine china shard that washed ashore to create a stained roof detail. I picture the fairy equivalent of Matthew McConaughey living here along with his fairy surfboard collection and eschewing deodorant.


Fairy Houses of the Maine Coast by Maureen Heffernan – $10.17

This new book from Down East Publishers takes fairy homes to another level, using straightforward illustrations like we have seen previously as inspiration for more elaborate homes.


1 Morning in Maine by Robert McCloskey – $12.23

This is one of my favorite books on earth; it caught my imagination as a child and still induces miracle with its exquisite illustrations and narrative.

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