10 Outstanding Door Designs

All too frequently, the door becomes an abandoned product within our home. Chock full of possibility for flair and individuality, it’s just one of the things we are inclined to think of solely as a functional item.

However, these designers have taken the idea of the door to the next level. Going beyond painting doors in vivid hues, they have implemented brave designs that push the very definition of the door. As these smart products demonstrate, a door can be much more than the entry and exit for your home — it can make a large and bold statement about the nature of your home.


PingPong Door – EUR 990

If you aspire to be the next Forrest Gump of ping pong, or simply enjoy a great, healthful rivalry every now and then, this wonderful door is a tough item to pass up. A totally operational swing door, this genius design from Tobias Fräenzel also flips ahead to become a mini ping pong table. There is no structure required — all it takes is a flip of the switch to establish whatever you need for your match. When you’re all set, just flip back the door up, and you’re good to go.


SlamDoors ThreeStyle Door – GBP 1,799

The fantastical, playful, and childlike character of this door is reminiscent of childhood favorites such as Alice in Wonderland and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Just sip the tiny bottle that says”Drink me!” And measure on through the teeny tiny door — or maybe just use it like a fun entry for your child’s room.

Max Door

This door might look straight out of Darth Vadar’s bedroom, but it also could be a smart and innovative step towards the doors of the future. Developed by Brazilian firm No Layout, this door is totally handle-less, locks and unlocks via a remote controller (yes, such as your car), as well as lights up to tell you if you’ve correctly unlocked the door or not. With front sheets made from the exact same material used in bulletproof cars, there is a fantastic opportunity that this door could evolve to be brighter than its owner.


Deep Cut Emotions Lacquered Swing Doors

Designed by fashion designer Agatha Ruiz De La Prada, the Viva lineup from Modernus is the epitome of this designer’s vivid and eccentric style. Shown here in a matte red lacquer with picture die cuts, the lineup is available in many different custom colors and layouts.

Alabama Sawyer

Wine Oak Barn Doors

Going for a more rustic look? Take farmhouse design to the next level with wrought iron doors custom made with wood used in the aging process of wine (much like these hardwood flooring ). Stained from gallons of fermenting wine, this wood is fitted together to create beautiful doors, each with a unique finish.

Aldena serramenti – Italian windows and doors


Kristal is a slightly spooky take on the standard glass door. Made out of glass and accented with stainless steel hardware, the more elegant and dark serigraphy is totally customizable.


Luna: Light + Air Door

The concept behind the Luna: Light + Air Conditioning produces enough sense — a door with slots which open and shut to permit for light and atmosphere. The slots could be corrected, so just a certain quantity of light, atmosphere, and noise moves between the outside and the interior. Once it appears amazing in theory, it’s also one of those doors which I’d love to see in clinic before making an order.



The Sensunels Door Collection designed by Karim Rashid relies on the concept that a door can express personality, inspire, and excite emotion. All of Sensunels door patterns, including FEND, have beautiful graphics in multiple colors sealed on the door.

Creative Home Engineering

Hidden Passageway Custom Bookcase Door

For quite a while, a secret passageway was on the very top of my must-haves when it arrived to my dream house. To get a Nancy Drew fiend for example myself, making sure my house had a little mystery of its own was an absolute necessity. These concealed bookshelf doors really are a dream come true. Even though the site pushes these doors as security options (some thing, to be quite honest, I hadn’t considered), they’re still the ideal way to satisfy my lust!


SlamDoors Flex doorway

Just like interchangeable cell phone and laptop covers, the brightly panel in the Flex Door could be changed out to pretty much anything — artwork, wood veneer, glass, colored acrylic. So your door can change as frequently as you change your individual style!

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