Safety Plays With Style in Kids' Baths

Children’s baths are such fun areas to decorate! You may pull all the stops when it comes to colour and indulge your kids ‘ fascination with mermaids or sailing boats. Some children love bath time and become extra rambunctious and bouncy. Others approach it kicking and crying like a captive in medieval times being hauled into a torture chamber. Either way, the decorating decisions you make in this area need to take safety under consideration.

Check out these fantastic suggestions for kid-friendly fittings, furniture, furniture and placement that improve safety yet help children become more self-sufficient.

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1. Help children get to the sink.

Step stools are a must-have when it comes to kids accessing the sink. In a bathroom shared with adults, that thought to get a pull-out design looks very grown up and slides out of the way if necessary. Place mirrors low enough so children aren’t tempted to climb on counters to view themselves.

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In a bathroom just for children, why don’t you create really cute painted step stools such as these? If you’ve got a double-sink vanity and there’s a major difference in your children’s height, customize the stools with different sizes so that each one is just right.

Tip: make certain to provide step stools which are wider on the floor and thus more difficult to tip over. Add rubber feet to prevent sliding.

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2. Kids from bruises, bumps and burns.

Protecting children from bumping their heads in the tub is important. Rather than installing soap holders which protrude out of the wall at the perfect height to knock your little one in the mind, utilize completely recessed markets for soap, sponges and rubber duckies.

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Sesame Street Bath Tub Faucet Cover — Elmo | AshbyDesign Home Inspiration

Including a soft rubberized faucet cover is a excellent way to maintain children’s heads protected from bumping. Elmo makes great business, but faucet covers come in a variety of shapes: whales, rubber duckies, caterpillars and much more.

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While we’re on the subject of protecting children from areas where they may be hurt, countertops must have rounded edges and corners. This pedestal sink eliminates sharp corners and adds a wonderful dash of kid-pleasing lime green. Borders on mirrors and countertops will also be good options.

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3. Place items that are essential within easy reach.

Although step stools are fantastic for helping little ones attain things up high, why don’t you put in fixtures down when it’s possible? Hand towels can be hung on the face of the vanity. Hooks make it effortless for children to hang their bath towels, and much more lower placement like this keeps children from climbing on toilets or counters. Consider placing a mirror at their height also, so they are easily able to see themselves while shaving or dressing their hair.


Materious Cubby coat storage and hook

Cubby hooks are a excellent choice to hard and pointy hooks — no sharp borders here! Additionally, the cubby in the middle is the perfect place for the little ones to stash everything in their pockets as they undress to their bath.

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4. Provide a safe place to sit down.

Having a place to sit down while drying off or putting on slippers is safer than trying to balance on one foot or sitting on the edge of the tub. Stools or seats have the added bonus of being a comfortable place for adults to sit while supervising.

I also like shower curtains better than sliding shower doors to get a child’s bathtub. They eliminate those nasty, sharp-ish sliding paths on the top edge of the tub. If you use a shower curtain, you may want to put in a pole mounted on the wall using screws, rather than a pressure rod that can easily be yanked down.

5. Grab rails aren’t just for the disabled.

Installing grab rails across a tub or shower might help children stay steady when getting in and out. Grab rails are available in all types of interesting colours, like red, yellow and green, which may help children remember to utilize them.

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6. Think nonslip for all on the floor.

Nonslip rugs and floors are important for everybody. Rugs in the form of monkey faces just add to the fun. Be sure all rugs used in children’s bathrooms have a rubberized backing — a safer option than all-cotton bath mats.

7. Lighting has to be easy or automatic.

The lights in this specific bathroom have a nightlight attribute, which helps with these sleepy-eyed excursions during the evening time. Install light switches low enough that children can run them without needing to get on a step stool. If that isn’t possible, make certain you’ve got a nightlight with a detector which turns it. That way nobody forgets to turn it on, and your child can see well enough to get to the key light switch. Another kid-friendly thought would be to replace the light switch using a motion sensor, and so the principal light comes on as soon as anybody enters the room.

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8. Make things simple to find and store away.

You might want to get rid of drawers and doors completely to make it simple for children to find items and clean up after themselves. Baskets can operate to hide items so that no fold is required.


9. Pick hardware that’s simple for little hands to function.

Single-lever faucets are easier for little hands to work. Select pulls in shapes and sizes that are easy for tiny fingers to grip and operate. Smaller drawers and doors are also good for children, as they don’t take as much power to pull.

10. Select locking mechanisms.

Locking doors or drawers should be used for almost any cleaners or medicines that may pose a threat. Even better, store these items in another room accessible to adults only.

Speaking of locking, little ones are known to lock themselves in by accident, so make sure the bathroom door may be unlocked from both sides or doesn’t lock at all. And speaking of doors, lever-style grips are much easier for children than round door knobs. Heck, they are easier for everybody!

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Rubber Elephant Drawer Pull Purple 1703 by Poplarsquare on Etsy – $11.50

Rubber drawer pulls are a soft and fun option.

Have you got good decorating ideas for a kid’s bath which also take safety and independence under consideration? Share them in the Comments!

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