Review of This Ryobi PBC-3046YB

The Ryobi PBC-3046YB is a gas-powered trimmer designed for light duty brush cutting. Its controls and handles make it suitable for professional use, but it’s also relatively bulky and hard to haul around for long periods. As of 2014, Ryobi was no longer manufacturing the PBC-3046YB, but used units and replacement components are still available.

Engine and Weight

The PBC-3046YB has a 30 cc two-cycle engine that runs at a maximum rate of 12,500 rpm. Like most motors, an oil-and-gas mixture, not gasoline that is straight is required by the engine. Generally, trimmers with two-cycle motors are somewhat lighter than comparably sized trimmers with four-cycle motors; that’s a substantial point with the PBC-3046YB, because this trimmer is heavy compared to competing models. Without gasoline or a cutting edge head attached, the PBC-3046YB weighs about 13.3 pounds; with the brush cutter attached, it weighs almost 14 pounds.

Cutting Heads

The PBC-3046YB comes with two head choices: a dual-string trimmer plus a blade that is rigid. The string trimmer head cuts an swath and utilizes a .095-inch diameter lineup. It features a line advance mechanism. The brush-cutting blade has a three-bladed”Tri-Arc” design; it’s intended to cut just herbaceous plants without woody stems, and the blade can’t be sharpened.

Handles and Controls

The PBC-3046YB incorporates a bicycle style handlebar and a shoulder strap to help distribute the trimmer’s weight. The handlebar makes it much easier to maneuver the torso, and the strap transfers some of the weight away from your arms; both edges create the trimmer especially useful for big jobs. The throttle controls and the engine change are on the right handle of the bar. The engine starts via a recoil handle on the engine casing.

Current Model

The trimmer model in Ryobi’s 2014 merchandise lineup that comes closest to the PBC-3046YB in terms of cutting and power capability is your SS26. It is a straight-shaft trimmer which is included with both a brush cutter and an 18-inch string trimmer head with a better bump-feed mechanism. The SS26’s engine is a low-emission 26 cc model. The SS26 has a loop-style handle instead of handlebars, but the SS26, in 11.8 pounds, is substantially lighter than the PBC-3046YB. The SS26 also integrates a quick-release split driveshaft that will accept optional alternative tool heads.

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