Overview of the Poulan Pro Rear Tine Tiller

With their powerful drive systems and stable layouts, rear-tine tillers chew up difficult soil more easily than front-tine tillers. As of 2014, Poulan’s product line includes two rear-tine tillers: the RT900 along with the PRRT900. Both models are equipped with the exact same engine, but the PRRT900 is bigger, so it’s better suited to heavy-duty farming jobs compared to its smaller sibling.

Engine and Drive System

The RT900 and PRRT900 are powered by a 208-cc engine manufactured by LCT; the search motor produces 9.5 foot-pounds of torque. LCT is operated and managed in the USA, but its motors are manufactured in China. Power moves from the motor to the wheels and tines of those models via a chain drive system, and the transmission includes a reverse gear.


The RT900 rides 13-inch pneumatic tires, and its tines cut a 14-inch-wide swath. The PRRT900 is equipped with 16-inch tires, so it’s better to ride over rugged terrain, and its tilling width is 17 inches. The maximum tilling thickness of both tillers is 6.5 inches. The PRRT900 pays because of its superior skills about the scale, nevertheless; the RT900 weighs in at 178 pounds, although the PRRT900 weighs a comparatively gargantuan 230 pounds.

Characteristics and Cost

The RT900 includes counter-rotating tines, meaning that the tines rotate in the opposite direction of the drive wheels; this attribute helps stabilize the tiller and makes the tines better dig into tough soil compared to forward-rotating tines. The PRRT900 includes dual-rotating tines; the tines can rotate in either direction, which makes the tiller more versatile in a variety of situations. As of 2014, the price difference between the RT900 along with also the PRRT900 is about $100.

Comparable Models

The 205-cc Briggs & Stratton motor to the Husqvarna DRT900 accomplishes somewhat less torque than the PRRT900’s engine, but the DRT900 also includes dual-rotating tines and a 17-inch tilling width. The Husqvarna DRT900H is equipped with a bigger 160-cc Honda engine. The two Husqvarna DRT tillers are about 25 pounds lighter than the PRRT900, but they also are considerably costlier than the Poulan model. The Husqvarna CRT900 also is powered by the 205-cc Briggs & Stratton engine, and it is comparable in price to the Poulan RT900. The 14-inch Troy-Bilt Bronco CRT is powered by a 208-cc Troy-Bilt engine and, such as the Poulan RT900, features counter-rotating tines. At 124 pounds, additionally, it is substantially lighter than the RT900.

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