Readers' Choice: The Best 20 Home Providers of 2011

With more people working from home in 2011, finding room for a house office turned into a necessity. Smart solutions for multi-purpose spaces, little spaces, and approaches to incorporate storage were in the very top of ers’ priority lists. While there are a few fantasy offices in the combination, all of them have easy-to-accomplish decorating or storage ideas.

Continue reading for ideas out of the most popular office photographs added to in 2011.

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1. This season, users got excited about home offices which made use of an current space. This cute and tiny office did a great job of transforming a closet. Just add background, shelving, an integrated desk — and voila!

Kayron Brewer, CKD, CBD / Studio K B

2. While this house office was constructed in an old guest room, lots of users saved it as a concept for a great kitchen dining table. The built-in shelving and limestone countertops would look great in almost any room.

Leslie Goodwin Photography

3. The owners of this house created a house office under the stairs. A couple of wall shelves and an integrated desk (or little table), and you are all set. Consider using a chair with wheels so that you can roll it out as soon as entertaining.

Peg Berens Interior Design LLC

4. The maze-like form of the shelves behind this desk is exactly what originally drew readers to this luxe home office. users also bookmarked it to the brightly coloured background, accented with spring green textiles. Background is a superb decorating tool at a house office — it can make a massive impact in a little space.

For People design

5. The great thing about this office is that although it seems incredibly high-end, all the items were vintage or bought affordably. The easy desk is actually a dining table from Ikea, and the stool and chair were reupholstered vintage finds.

Maria Killam

6. A tidy, white Louis Ghost Chair turns this office from average to stunning. Users loved how the designer changed a slightly awkward nook in the corner of this room into a great desk area.

Jennifer – Rambling Renovators

7. The clever use of Ikea cabinetry and bookshelves adds a ton of storage to this vibrant room, and users loved the fun graphic touch that the white and black curtain brings into the room.

Michelle Hinckley

8. While the black, white, and yellow palette first drew readers to this vibrant office area, it was the wise storage solutions that created ers bookmark this shot. Wall shelving holds neat and tidy boxes for odds and ends, and two desks out of Pottery Barn provide lots of workspace for two people.

Weaver Custom Homes

9. The office in this home is hidden just behind a set of industrial, barn-style doors. users also loved the mix of the wall colors and the pink rug within the office area.

Martha O’Hara Interiors

10. This present wrapping room might seem like paradise for any crafty ers outside there. It was impossible not to store this picture for every one the wise ways to store gift-wrap and ribbon, but users also loved the trellis-style background.

Ed Ritger Photography

11. Like the very first photo, ers loved this shot for its clever closet transformation. Inside this area, the door has been stored on. If the room needs to be used for something else, then the chair just needs to be wheeled off, and the door is closed and locked.


12. The architectural details in this area made it a fantasy office for several ers. The rich blue walls create the detailing on the doors and ceiling stand out much more, and also the contemporary pendant makes the room marginally glamourous.

Martha O’Hara Interiors

13. This stunning office is unquestionably a high-end area, but users loved it for its practical utilization of a long and narrow area. Putting a desk from one complete side of the room generates enough workspace for two. Keeping it narrow allows for a little seating area on the opposite wall.

Poor House Interior Design

14. The contractors in this office created this fabulous bookshelf out of salvaged timbers and large threaded rod. The lime-green wall really leaves the bookshelf popup.

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

15. ers love this office used closet-style doorways to tuck it away in an alcove. In case the area is a wreck, you can easily maintain the doors closed when guests come over.

16. While the layout of this desk area has a marginally executive texture, readers loved the tricky touches within this house office. The combination of both bookshelves, mirror, and the chandelier work perfectly with the white and spring-green color choices.

Ian Engberg

17. For all those ers who enjoy something a little more contemporary, this serene and minimal distance provided an ideal inspiration. The shelves have been a particular point of interest within this area — they’re so slender, they nearly disappear.

LiLu Interiors

18. Even if you have to push your office area in the corner of another area, you still want it to feel comfortable, organized and inspirational. ers love this space because there’s still lots of storage round this little desk. It’s also situated to have a great view out the window.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

19. Since this office shares a room with a little den, users found it for a great illustration of how to work an office into a different area. Picking a desk and chair which work well with the remainder of the product in the area can make a difference.

Kitchens & Baths, Linda Burkhardt

20. The built-in desk in this area has a lot of distance — it could hold 6 screens on the work surface alone! users loved this built-in integrated storage area, and how the office took advantage of a beautiful view and plentiful all-natural light.

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