Pattern Play: Mix Prints to Get a Traditional-Modern Look

Mixing patterns can be hard enough without having to combine different design styles too. Sticking to 4 basic steps in choosing patterns can facilitate the confusion.

With this particular pattern play I wanted to show you how you can combine a traditional pattern with modern prints. I think this selection of stripes, geometrics, polka dots and possibly even florals can do the job equally well in a both bedroom plus family/living room.

Jennifer Bishop Design

Here’s how I employed my own rules of thumb to develop with this routine palette:

1. Decide on a print that is starting. I began together with the floral. I knew I did not want to remain on the traditional train with this collection so that I needed to keep and eye out for geometrics in some of the colour tones inside the floral.

2. Build the colour palette. With this flowery, I could have gone in a lot of different color directions. There are greens, blues caramel colors in this print. That’s why in our final routine play ideabook I told you that the more colour on your routine, the easier time you’ll have pulling in other colors and patterns. It will guide you or possibly confuse you more, so let me explain so that does not happen!

Initially, I wanted to pull a few blue to this mix. But when I went shopping, I did not come across any blues that I thought worked well in either their patterns or their colour tones. Having that flowery gave me insurance in that I can easily pull out other colors and go a different direction while still having to remain with the original print I adored. I then found the wide, pink-and-white pattern, and the mix began flowing from there.

3. Vary the style. Since I did not wish to remain solely traditional, this is really where I could mix things up with the floral as well as the stripe, which is frequently utilized in traditional designs. The brown-and-white hyperlink pattern, in addition to the pink and brown hyperlink printing, added that modern element.

The golden polka dot with miniature crystal? Well, that added sparkle. I think every room requires a bit of sparkle, even if it’s subtle.

4. Limit the size of the pattern. The floral is a very large pattern; the stripe, pink- and-brown hyperlink printing as well as the polka dot are medium patterns; and the brownish – and-white link is my small pattern. The brown-and-white hyperlink printing could read medium in scale but with this particular set, I believed it my small print as it was much more occupied than my other medium-scale patterns.

Jennifer Bishop Design

And always remember this: You are able to combine multiple medium scaled prints collectively as long they have some contrasts in colour or pattern. You cannot, however do the same with large and tiny prints. Too many large or too many tiny patterns will depart from your eyes at a tizzy, not knowing where to look. I typically use only one large routine and go from there.


Magnolia, Biscuit Sand, G P & J Baker – $106.25

If a huge pattern scares you too much to use on something like draperies, subsequently opt for something less intimidating, such as throw pillows. Just take the size of your pillow into account when laying out your routine.

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store

Home Decor Fabric-Annie Selke Links Chocolate – $45

This modern series link would make a great headborad. It provides just enough pleasure and pattern, yet still creates a wonderful background for flowery stripes or other geometrics put facing it.

Jennifer Bishop Design

Cap Deluca Rosette, Kravet Design

I think this routine could look great in an armchair, a duvet cover or lumbar pillow.
Cap Deluca, Rosette (Kravet Design-Windsor Smith, $79.00/yd)

Jennifer Bishop Design

Chain Connect, By Kravet Design

This would be so great as curtains!
Chain Connect, Berry (Kravet Design-Windsor Smith, $87.50/yd)

Jennifer Bishop Design

Fabric Pattern 30368-1, Kravet Basics

This would make a gorgeous duvet cover.
Pattern 30368-1 (Kravet Principles )

Next, see some distances with a wonderful mix of pattern styles, scales and color.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Here is an excellent illustration of how we can visualize patterns in drama.

Silvia Garcia Interiores

This picture illustrates a similar pattern drama utilizing a modern floral pattern.

CIH Design

An area rug, background or even specific accessories are all great ways to combine pattens into your own rooms.

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