Patterned Sofas Furnish Impact

A patterned couch may be the dramatic impact that sets the tone to your space. Playing up the upholstery of the greatest item of furniture in the room exclaims that you are fearless. A lot of men and women are scared of buying a couch which is not upholstered in a neutral cloth, but that may end up looking boring however many patterned throw cushions you cover it with.

It’s so fun seeing an increasing number of people use patterns on large furniture. To make it work, maintain the walls clean and allow your couch upholstery be the star. Below are some great techniques to do it.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

If the main seating is a huge couch, go to get a pattern. Whenever there are no other upholstered pieces in the room, such as chairs, you need a wow element. Utilize a slipcover using a soft print which gives it just enough interest without overpowering the room.

Harrell Remodeling, Inc..

A floral patterned couch adds a burst of manly to a room that you want to feel feminine, happy and pretty.

Tip: Add an accent chair in a solid fabric that picks up on a few of the colors in the couch’s upholstery.

Meadowbank Designs

A whimsical pattern that is large in scale becomes a part of art upholstered on a couch. This works well in a clean space which has a lot of windows.

Doug Burch

What makes this large, open space feel soft and inviting? The patterned couch put in the center of the room. It’s such a significant area, however, your eye is drawn directly to the center, bringing down the scale to a comfortable size.

Green Apple Design

The cloth on your sofa builds up the fashion of your room. A couch covered in a fun cinnamon berry check makes a warm feel in this rustic-style space.

John Kraemer & Sons

Upholster just the back or chair cushions to get a mix of pattern using a neutral figure. You may take a local upholsterer just re-cover your own cushions.

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You can keep a clean space using neutrals, but be a bit braver with pattern. This couch looks so perfect with this particular room.

Darci Goodman Design

This is a showstopper. The daring structure, together with the vibrant stripes, makes this couch youthful and stylish. And the deep wood finish assists the piece maintain its original lines, letting it work in just about any room.

Vintage Renewal

Vintage sofas can have such interesting shapes. Upholstery at a surprising cloth works really well on them.

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