How to Replace the Cover for a Dryer Vent

An exposed dryer vent makes a useful spot for insects and creatures, leaving your house. Unprotected vents can collect leaves and debris making your laundry room a combustible fire danger. As time passes, a cover breaks and need replacement. Perform this maintenance task. If you decide to replace the whole duct home improvement stores sell drier vents and dryer vent kits.

Slide the dryer away from the wall. You have to disconnect the duct hose from the back of the drier. Some ducts are secured using screws. Unscrew the screws using a Phillips screwdriver.

Go to get into the dryer vent. Slide a utility knife. Remove, located at bottom and the top of the vent cover.

Brush away dirt from the vent surface using a broom. This gives the new caulk installation a surface to catch. Check inside the duct for debris. Remove any leaves which you see.

Attach the vent cover to the vent pipe, even in case your kit comes with one. The vent pipe should be the exact same length as the first. Slide the vent that is new . Look at the screw holes. You will have to drill new ones, if they don’t line up with the screw holes. Cover then and then Eliminate the vent pipe screw the holes using a drill.

Slide the vent back into place, lining up the screw holes. Twist the cover that is vent into the wall or drill. Caulk around the vent cover seam using a silicone caulk.

Go back inside and join the drier hose. Twist the hose in place. Slide the drier back into its initial position.

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