9 Inspiring Exterior House Paint Ideas

From neutrals to cool whites and vibrant reds, your home’s exterior San Jose painting is your calling card to the outside world. If you calibrate the color right, you will have a house that welcomes guests while also making a good impression.

Here are some inspiring ideas for your exterior house paint:

Beautified Brick

Painting the bricks on your home exterior is a great way to brighten up your home facade. You can start with a balanced beige color and shade it down into a darker and friendlier shade. Make your front door stand out by painting it in semi-gloss turquoise. It will go perfectly well with beige and dark wood window shutters.

Cottage Blue

Yes, it is possible to balance the shades of red, white and blue in your home exterior without really going on the full-on patriotic red, white and blue route. If you don’t want your house to look like an American flag, you can opt for a deeper and shadier blue to paint the main body of your house. When it comes to the red, avoid the bright patriotic red. However, just like with the blue color, shade it down to a darker maroon shade.

Craftsman Green

If you have a sprawling home in a gorgeous craftsman style that’s set in the middle of the woods, choose an exterior color that works with the natural environment and not something that goes against it. Painting your exterior in green is a great way to blend with the lush green lawn and surrounding trees. It also works well with the crisp white trims and stone veneer apron.

Desert Oasis

When doing house painting San Jose, CA with a desert landscape, take inspiration on how an artist coordinates all the elements in his work. You can paint your home’s stucco exterior with the outdoor elements as your inspiration, such as the blue desert sky, lush green lawn, earthy succulents, white clouds, etc.

Embrace Brown

Many homeowners tend to avoid brown. However, professional color consultants advice homeowners to not be afraid of going dark. Consider brightening up the trim of your house. This will dial up the contrast with the brown paint and will produce a classic effect that’s friendly to the eyes.

Farmhouse Charm

If you dream of having a farmhouse style home, you can do exterior San Jose painters with an elegant white shade. Look for shades of white that will steer clear of sterile and dull. A warm, soft, and rich white paint color can work best for the exterior of a farmhouse style home.

Timeless Contrast

A dark gray exterior with white trims is without a doubt, a look that rarely goes wrong. So if you have a traditionally styled house that comes with several accouterments and trims, you can aesthetically improve the look of your house if you increase the trim versus its field color contrast. Consider shading down the field color’s gray shade in order to emphasize its difference from broad white trims in the exterior.

Tudor Bold

Tudor style houses are often characterized by one thing – dark trims against a lighter field of wall color. Black and brown trims can go well with Tudor’s historical past, which consists of natural wood oiled and darkened over time.

Waterfront Blues

For waterfront homes, painting the exterior with blue and white can give it a more welcoming look. Make sure you calibrate the color right because the right exterior color will give you joy each time you return home from work.