5 Questions By ICFF: Lindsey Adelman

To Lindsey Adelman, jumbles of wires, heaps of stones and planks of timber are all prospective pieces of art. “I frequently combine forms to create visual pressure, like ‘Burst,’ which seems just like a flail and a classic broach by using hand-blown glass spikes,” says Adelman. Brass cable, ceramic, wood and forged sheet metal come to existence in the innovative designer’s fresh Branching Lighting system, which previewed in the 2012 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in nyc.

Lindsey Adelman Studio

Adelman, a New York designer, revealed several new bits in the 2012 ICFF. Sconces, vibrant finishes and new accessories all reflect her tasteful, modern and distinct fashion.

Lindsey Adelman Studio

A delicate sconce reflects light across corallike golden branches. Like a lot of her work, this piece is totally customizable — the branches are located separately and can be moved in many distinct arrangements.

Adelman took a break from the series to answer five questions for .

1. What’s the biggest priority in your designs?
The priority within my designs would be to use the least amount of material and manufacturing processes to create the best impact of functionality and emotional quality.

Lindsey Adelman Studio

Many of Adelman’s new bits and colors or finishes played. Yellows and neon pinks made an appearance for the very first time in the collection of Adelman.

2. What iconic designer could you like to utilize?
Patricia Urquiola.

3. Where’s your place for inspiration?
The beach.

Lindsey Adelman Studio

Adelman revealed several new accessories, including these gilded candlesticks and vases. The playful mixture of metal and wood echoes the look of her trademark light fixtures.

4. What is a piece of furniture that you own?
My mattress — I wish I were there at the moment!

5. What famous figure’s home would you believe that your products belong in?
Nicki Minaj.

Lindsey Adelman Studio

For her booth this past year, Adelman transplanted a portion of her studio to the ICFF. Two designers worked fulfilling previous custom orders, showing how Adleman’s advanced fixtures are placed together.

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