How to Shop for a Persian Rug

Persian rugs are lovely, mysterious and show-stopping bits that can endure for centuries. Deciding on the most suitable one from so many choices can be challenging. Continue reading for hints on what to be aware of and how to find the most rug out of your shopping dollar.

Persian rugs are investments. Be ready to pay well over your normal rug price. Judge that the quality of the rug by taking a look at the weave and be certain it is fine enough to clearly express the design.

Look at the ticket to the rug and be sure it no fewer than 100 knots per square inch to get a geometric design. Some floral patterns with more detailing can require 300 or more knots. Your dealer ought to be able to provide you with this advice so that you can find an idea of the quality of the rug.

Indo Hand-Knotted Serapi Rust/ Blue Wool Rug – $997.99

Where the rug was created is also a significant aspect. If it says “Made in China,” you are in the incorrect place! Carpets made in Iran are the finest on the market and have the best quality and design. These are expensive but are bound to survive decades.

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Watch out for the design and trends of the rugs and buy one that has a timeless design which never goes out of fashion. Trends and colours popular now may soon seem dated, and also the value of those rugs will fall. A conventional design provides you with a unique piece that always feels current.

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A rug that is 100 years old might be a great investment. Age creates a rug more rare and therefore much more valuable.

Every rug needs to have a ticket with all the kind, source, size, age, description of quality and design, state, and retail value. Read the local traders and compare costs of those rugs that interest you to learn what’s available, and what you feel comfortable purchasing.

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When decorating your home from scratch, then a fantastic trick is to buy your rug, then and draw colors out of it for your walls, sofas, pillows, and other décor. That way you can tie your whole room with your rug and have a consistent color scheme. It is much simpler to buy accessories and furniture to match your rug compared to the other way round.

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Bring swatches of cloth from the upholstery and drapes when shopping. It will assist you and your dealer find a rug that works together with your key colours. Keep in mind that dark rugs will bring down your ceiling, and mild rugs will make your ceiling seem higher. If you are not certain which rug will match your room, most traders will let buyers try out a rug at home for a few days.

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Be patient when shopping and avoid impulse purchases because you never know what it is possible to encounter. Each Persian carpet differs and unique in its own way. When you finally choose the best rug, remember what you just purchased is bound to survive generations and isn’t merely a rug, but a piece of artwork.

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