What's a Tax Lien Auction?

A tax lien happens when a homeowner does not pay land taxes on his estate that is real and, in reaction, the town puts a lien against his house. The lien provides the authorities the right by foreclosing on the house to recoup the debt. Sometimes, the lien will be auctioned off by the authorities instead of auctioning and foreclosing off the house itself.


Tax lien auctions in many cases are confused with tax foreclosure auctions. Foreclosure has happened and the buyer is given complete rights to the house by buying the house. A tax lien auction grants the right, the purchaser just the lien and, therefore to foreclose on the house.


Tax lien auction rules vary by county in every state. Some counties request that bidders “bid down the interest.” The auctioneer then gives the person ready to take the best rate of return on the expense the tax lien. In accordance with New York City lawyer Lillian Villanova, the home-owner must nevertheless pay the entire rate of interest on the lien off. The authorities then retains the distinction involving the lien holder’s taken the sum of money the householder as well as rate of interest is worth it to launch the lien. Counties use a premium” system that is “ just like a normal auction in which the lien is won by the bidder with all the best bid. Others pick the victor via arbitrary computer choice.


Interest on the tax lien accrues over time, providing the right than she compensated in the tax lien auction to request more from your debtor for total payment of the lien to the lien-holder. Although state interest costs change, Ca permits the lien-holder paid a-T auction for the lien to be charged up to 18% interest annually on a tax lien expense, along with the initial purchase price by lien holders.


Debtors are provided by each state with a right of redemption” interval during which they steer clear of foreclosure and could pay off their tax liens. Through the proper of redemption period, the lien-holder might not move to confiscate the home from the home-owner. This this calls for the lien-holder to float” the quantity of the investment that is first. By way of example, in California, the proper of redemption period is two years. When an investor initially paid $25,000 for a tax lien, he should wait a the least two years to foreclose homeowner fails to spend off the lien during the redemption span.! and regain his expense if the


Two counties inside an identical state could have significantly different conditions of possible bidders. Unlike a year, foreclosure auctions, which happen tax lien auctions generally happen just once. Bidders can look at with the tax assessor’s web site for the county by which they want to obtain a tax lien to critique the program for the county tax lien auction.