Top Tips to Keep in Mind When Replacing Interior Doors

handyman Boulder CO are usually neglected by a lot of people when it comes to home renovation. However, they should be just as important to you as the overall look of your home. In fact, they complement the interior appeal. When replacing Boulder handyman, there’s so much that you should keep in mind so you can get the best results.

The following are valid tips that you can consider when planning this home improvement project:

Why Are You Replacing Interior Doors?

You should have a good reason for upgrading or replacing your interior doors. The answer to this question will guide all the decisions that you will make. Perhaps the doors do not match, or maybe you do not like the colors. If your house is old and has been through many renovations, your doors might need a major upgrade as well.

In case your doors are damaged or you notice that they do not fit properly in the frames, it’s time that you considered replacing them, especially hollow core type of doors.

Interior Door Trim

One of the best ways of updating your Boulder handyman without spending too much is to change the door trim. This is something that you can do in the course of an afternoon. There are a number of trim types available in the market, so make sure to choose one that will blend in.

Types of Interior Doors

There are different types of interior doors that you can choose as a replacement to the ones you currently have. You can visit the local store and discuss the options available with the experts there.

Some of the varieties available include the following:

– French doors
– Accordion doors
– Solid wood doors
– Pocket doors
– Fire-resistant doors
– Faux wood doors
– Engineered wood doors

Each door has unique benefits that set them apart from the others. This also depends on what you are looking to achieve when replacing or upgrading your interior doors. Assuming you want to minimize or stop the transmission of sound between rooms, it would be a good choice to install solid interior doors over hollow doors. For your bedroom, you should consider fire-resistant doors.

Hiring a Contractor

If you can do the work on your own, go ahead. But if you can’t, you should hire an handyman Boulder expert. Professional door installers or handymen can do a better job and complete the job faster than most DIY enthusiasts. It’s all a matter of choice and preference. Besides, with an expert, you have a warranty in the performance, and if anything goes wrong, their company will always be liable, which will not be the case if you are doing the work on your own.

Replacing Your Interior Doors

Interior doors are available either as slab or pre-hung doors. Slab or blank doors are built to fit right into the jamb that’s on the wall already. Pre-hung doors, on the other hand, come with the jambs already attached. The space in the wall should be made with this taken into consideration.