The best way to Sponge-Paint a Brick Fireplace

A fireplace may be a focal point not only of a space however an entire house — a spot to gather with friends and family even when a hearth isn’t roaring in the grate. But in houses that are older particularly, the brick could be gloomy, dark and dated, turning the level right into a place. As adventurous decorators know, this scenario requires a gallon or two of paint, not to mention ingenuity. Add depth to your own painting work by sponge painting your fire-place in colours that complement and provide life to your own decor. In one afternoon that is content, it is possible to transform your fireplace to the focal level it had been destined to be.

Place a drop cloth around fringe of of the hearth. Drape component of the drop cloth on the fireside, making certain it’s safe, particularly in the event that you if you want to to stand to achieve the bricks on the fire-place.

Wash the bricks using a damp rag to remove particles, dirt, all dust and cobwebs. Clean the bricks in the event the bricks are coated with soot and allow them dry.

Mask off the perimeter of the fire-place with painter’s tape. Apply tape to door and the hearth screen at the same time.

Apply one coat of a thick, stain- . For velocity, it is possible to use a roller, as you have control on the paint to drive the paint into crevices across the bricks, but you’ll get better results using a brush. Let the first coat of the primer dry completely. Bricks are particularly porous, therefore don’t be surprised if this first coat of primer looks to “disappear.” Use another coat of primer and permit this coat dry completely, also.

Choose the two shades you want to use to your sponge-painting method, recognizing that the lighter basecoat accompanied by by a sponge coat that is darker usually is most effective. However, don’t consider odds on suppositions; check your sponging approach and shade alternatives on a poster board before you apply it to the brick. Sponge a lighter color at the top after which you might decide to use a darkish basecoat.

Brush the basecoat on the bricks, making certain to coverall the crevices. Let this coat dry before implementing a second coat. In the event that you desire to deepen the shade a third coat might be necessary.

Produce a glaze for the topcoat by mixing 4 components latex paint with a medium or 1 part water. Mix this topcoat carefully.

Dampen the sea sponge with water, then dip it in the very best coat. Blot the extra on a paper-towel.

Being sponging the paint using a mild dabbing motion onto the bricks. As you utilize the paint to produce distributions of shade rotate your hand notably. Work in tiny, 2 by-2 foot locations. Sponge on the paint comprehending that that in the event you generate also dense of a routine, you can always a-DD mo-Re paint but might need certainly to start over using the base coat to commence with. Stand straight back out of your work every so often to evaluate the impact.

Hold an item of thin card-board against the ceiling or adjacent partitions as you sponge paint. This easy technique can aid you prevent a standard mistake among beginner spongers; worried about acquiring paint onto partitions from the sponge, they merely abandon wide-open detract from your effect as well as areas, which stand out.

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