The best way to Cut Back Lobelia

Annual lobelia (Lobelia erinus) thrives in moderate climates, like those identified in coastal locations of U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zone 9. Grow these fragile flowers to add colour to winter, drop or spring beds. Lobelia creates its first flush of flowers about 12 to 16 months after sowing, so it’s usually planted to ensure bloom. Cutting the flowers back through the entire growing period retains the plants lush and compact while encouraging blossom development.

Pinch the ideas of recently planted lobelia to pressure branching therefore complete, bushy growth is produced by the crops back. Pinch each stem again to the next bud or leaf in the top. New stems fork in the level that is pinched, with each stem of flower production.

Trim back the lobelia by its peak following the first flush of flowers start to wilt. Make the cuts near a leaf or bud to help encourage fullness and branching.

The lobelia is backed by cut after each flowering period by half. Cutting again eliminates dead-heads and leggy development the flowers, which encourages more blooming and stops seed production.

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