Shed-Turned-Office at a London Garden

Tucked in the back of a private backyard, this one-room shed serves as a workplace for a London couple. With 150 square feet and $16,000 to work with, designer and architect Gurmeet Sian employed simple, strong materials to cut down on price. “One of the challenges I set myself and as a way to keep costs down, was to select materials that may be bought from any local hardware store,” he states.

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Who works here: A few who work as salespeople
Location: The Hackney borough of London, England
Size: 150 square feet

Office Sian Design & Architecture

The couple wanted their working environment to feel mild, comfy and warm, with room for books and electronics. Wiring, weatherproofing and security were priorities.

A view of the backyard was a must, also. The full-height retractable doors enable both to enjoy the backyard while they work — and make the choice of entertaining here in hot weather.

“The customers were quite excited about visiting the doors completely open,” says Sian. “It’s just another surprise for people who are expecting only a part of the doors to swing open.”

Office Sian Design & Architecture

Cheap, durable sheets and rough-sawn wood were sourced from local and sustainable businesses, and also the high insulation levels allow for minimal energy costs.

Office Sian Design & Architecture

Sian used the ceiling beams as a structural guide for its library shelves, and stored floor space and cost by assembling the shelves into the rear wall. All that storage meant the customers did not want anything else except a chair and a table.

Office Sian Design & Architecture

A slightly hidden skylight in the back isn’t very visible until a burst of sunlight and blue skies opens across the library.

Office Sian Design & Architecture

“I wished to express the simple substances in their natural state and use the shed for a showcase for what can be accomplished using ‘unfashionable’ materials, using a limited budget but with unlimited creativity,” Sian states.

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