Select the Ideal Plant Pot to Flatter Your Landscape

If it comes to container gardens, your first thought is generally about everything you’ll be planting. The boat to include your plants is frequently an afterthought. But with a little attention to the type of container that you use, you can ensure that your production is acceptable for your environment.

When deciding upon the ideal container for your circumstances, think about the overall style of your surroundings. Is it traditional? Modern? Mediterranean? Knowing this will help lead you through the wide variety of container designs and substances. The following gallery should provide inspiration for a variety of surroundings.

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Terra-cotta baskets are classic and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Terra-cotta’s subtle color works well with all blossom and foliage colors and looks natural in a backyard setting. Something to consider when the seasons change: If you live in a region where temperatures go below freezing, then you’ll want to drain or bring terra-cotta baskets inside to avoid cracking.

All these terra-cotta wall planters give an old-world vibe that’s perfect for an Italian-inspired landscape. Because unglazed terra-cotta dries out more quickly than other substances, be sure to choose plants which prefer their dirt on the dry side.

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Cast Iron or Wrought Iron

These containers became popular in the Victorian age. They are most frequently seen in the classic urn design, for example here, which fits well in a formal setting. While all of iron containers are very heavy, the simple fact that they’re durable year-round means you’ll rarely need to maneuver them.

Bright Green


Glazed ceramic pots come in a broad selection of colours, complementing their environment or supplying color when required. You’ll want to be gentle with them, however, as they are easily able to crack; they need to be brought indoors in winter.

Plow & Hearth

Lexington Tall Self-Watering Planter – $99.95


Plastic pots have come a very long way in recent years and can take on the appearance of terra-cotta or timber, like in this picture. Often you don’t realize a container is plastic till you touch it. It’s flexible enough to expand and retract through freezes and thaws, which makes it suitable for year-round use.

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costlier than plastic, fiberglass is a highly versatile man-made material which can be molded into practically any shape or form. It takes on the look of glazed ceramic. But unlike its delicate double, fiberglass is quite durable and can be left outside year-round.


Herb Window Box – $59.95

Here, a fiberglass container has the look of stone. However, because fiberglass is very lightweight, it’s a lot easier to go around.

Diego Bortolato Architetto


Wood containers have a more informal feel and are appropriate for rustic or casual settings. When treated to resist the elements, wood containers can endure for years.

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Metal containers are contemporary looking and can give an industrial advantage. The sleek metallic cubes in this picture create definition in the outside area.


Galvanized steel containers are imaginative and edgy, lending a sculptural quality to arrangements. This lightweight material wears well, which makes it a clever option for a container garden.


Depending on the finish, concrete can look contemporary or country. In this picture, the blank lines and lean plantings evoke a feel.

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But in this picture, the concrete is left rough and rustic, giving a casual and well-worn look. While this material is practically indestructible, you’ll have concrete containers around for years and years.

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Stone is just another hard-wearing material for containers. And it too could be completed in a variety of ways. Here it looks sleek and graceful as an exterior centerpiece.

These stone planters look perfectly suited to a traditional setting.

Whether you want your container garden to create a statement or mix seamlessly with its surroundings, selecting the most appropriate material and design will make it your own.

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