Reflect on Your Garden Mystery With Gazing Balls

Gazing balls, or backyard figurines, have gotten a bad rap in the last few decades — and I will admit that I was among the many that originally believed they were ugly and marred the face of a beautiful backyard.

But recently I have begun to love these spheres for what they could add to a landscape. The trick is to hide the balls and partially submerge the balls, leaving a bit to the imagination. A reflective sphere from the backyard can add mystery and intrigue, but only if it is placed thoughtfully. Here are a few gardens that have maximized the backyard world as a mystical and whimsical design element.


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Gazing balls supply a quirky 360-degree view of this garden, opening up different views and creating fresh viewpoints of your space. They can also be used to echo naturally reflective surfaces, for example water elements or even the glints of sunshine off foliage.

Nestled between blossoms, these globes show off the coastline and include a tiny glimmer of light that echoes the reflective surface of the water.

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Two points if you watched that the gazing ball in this backyard upon first glance.

It is perfectly placed as a little hidden surprise amidst the greenery. This magnificent ball supplies a full view of this small and narrow garden, adding a feeling of whimsy and space with elegance.

APLD, Cathy Carr

Splashily colored, glowing showoffs can take away out of a landscape’s mixed textures and natural earth tones. However, this particular design changed my thoughts. A glowing blue ball with a bed of hostas reflects the skies the way a pool or a pond would. In the absence of plain water, a glowing blue metallic surface is the next best thing.

JSL Exteriors Landscape Design/Build

You might think that this garden world is breaking all of the subtle rules of intrigue by being put on a base in full view. However, this ball fits into the layout since it works as a visual extension of this pillar and the stairway.

Instead of sticking out like a sore thumb in the midst of a vegetable garden, it creates a 360-degree view up the rock stairs and to the backyard behind. What a superb way to begin a journey!

Were you aware that these balls were utilized to provide servants all-around views of the guests they were serving? You might be starting to see why I’ve become a convert; they are quite bewitching.

Greifenstein Boyce Associates

Another favorite way to use metallic spheres is to simply set them in a pool to freely float. Partially submerged, they appear to belong within the confines of the rectangular pool yet reflect the wide-open views of the skies.

Bockman + Forbes Design

They appear to bobble the surface of the water like a swimmer that is relaxed across. Giving a feeling of movement to a static feature, they beckon you to jump right in and join them.

Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc..

Bear in mind, the purpose of the ball is to offer you a reflective coating to mimic natural elements — like sunlight and water — to provide a wide and different view of the backyard and to bring an element of mystery.

Using gazing balls in your interior space is an entirely different subject, but let’s just say that I am a recent convert to that concept, too.

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