Modern Images: The Butter Fly Chair

It is been cheaply copied all around the globe for since the 50’s, but are you aware The Butterfly Chair has a place in The Knoll Museum and is a part of the permanent set of MoMA? Designed by architect Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy in 1938, it’s also called the Hardoy Chair as well as the BKF Chair*. His first version was released to the planet in 1940; the cover was leather as well as the legs were enameled metal. Every now and then, ispy this image around Houzz. Let us simply take a peek.

Tom Damage Architecture

* BKF means Kurchan Bonet and Ferrari Hardoy, the seat was presented by the three architects whose company. Nevertheless, K and B allow it be understood that Ferrari Hardoy had created the seat himself, therefore it became identified as The Hardoy Chair.

These brilliant Butterfly chairs include curves and colour to the boxy contemporary creating.

The Brick Residence

Need to decorate your Butter Fly? Get a clue From Your Brick Home and toss a small sheepskin over it.

Urban Earth Style

Butterflies can readily be pulled straight back in again and outside as they’re lightweight.


It seems like some one h AS created himself quite comfortable in a Butter Fly on the balcony here. I am envious!

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

Brilliant Marimekko KIVET material adorns these butterflies that are cheerful. Do not you just adore the way they stand out against the colours in the landscape?


A couple of Butterflies matches properly on a modest balcony.

The truth is, although this seat is not weak enough to stand alone, it constantly seems enchanting in a pair. I can practically picturing these 2 traveling upwards into this big and flapping their wings, mild, space that is open.


A fine, light seat when you do not need to overwhelm the space with another big piece of furniture is made by a Butterfly.

Have you actually owned one of those? I recall among my room mates having some knock off variation in school. We would usually find yourself sitting in the most unusual positions inside, although it was fairly cozy.

for those who own a classic photo of you in your butter Fly chair, we would want to see it

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