Low Maintenance Garden Tips

There is a lot of fun you can get from the outdoors when you get your landscaping Modesto right. Ever wondered how some people manage to have very beautiful lawns and backyards?

Well, you can achieve the same results if you follow the tips below carefully.

Know Your Site

It’s important to have a good understanding of your site. You should know the type of soil you have, and the kind of plants that are appropriate for your kind of soil. By learning more about your site, you should be able to know the type of plants that will thrive in different seasons. It’s always advisable to get plants that do not need a lot of attention unless you have the time for it.

Choose Trees and Shrubs

The beauty of planting shrubs and trees in your compound is that they are long-term plants. Their presence in terms of the beauty of landscaping keeps growing over time. You will enjoy their allure for decades; the fragrance, the color, and if you choose your plants well, you will have to do very little maintenance.

Make a Master Plan

For the ideal landscape, you must draw a blueprint of what your vision should look like when it is complete. Have a rough sketch of the plan. Consider all the existing shrubs and trees, and any structure that you will have. The plan should also indicate the sections where you will probably be building on in the future, hence left idle.

Search for Native Plants

For your Modesto landscaping needs, try and focus on getting native plants to the region. These plants will be suited best for your region, the weather and any prevailing climatic conditions. Do this and your plants will thrive every year.

Focus Your Efforts

While working on the garden, make sure you have one or two areas that will be the center of attention. This place can be the section right after the patio, deck or porch, or any other part of the garden where you spend a lot of time.

Group Plants

Different plants have different needs regarding watering and nutritional value. With this in mind, make sure you categorize the plants according to such needs. This will make it easier for you to take care of them.

Install a Border

If you are using different plant varieties, bordering will be quite an efficient option. Things like perennial beds, planting spaces and vegetable gardens will benefit from a border, separating them from the rest of the yard. Borders also help in keeping grass away from the garden, and creating a walkway, which in the long run will protect the plants.

Blanket the Soil

Make sure you have some lush ground cover. This will help in protecting the open soil from weeds, while at the same time adding texture and color to the soil. For this, you can use cocoa hulls, creeping sedum, shredded wood mulch or lamium.

Plan to Prune

Another key element of landscaping Modesto, CA is the need to prune the plants from time to time. When they grow beyond the size you intend, trim them regularly. Make sure you prune soon after the plants bloom. For evergreen and shade trees, pruning is best done between mid and late spring.


You will need organic compost for your plants. This provides them the necessary nutrients to thrive in your garden. You can consult the experts at your local garden center or municipality for the best compost.