How to Install a Carpet

You’ve looked at that old carpet that you just can’t get clean anymore for the last time. The worn and frayed patches make you cringe every time you lay eyes on them and enough is enough. It’s time to replace it and this time, you’re going to do it yourself!

Tear Out the Old Carpet

The biggest task when replacing a carpet cleaning Tempe is clearing out the room. Remove everything so that it’s just you and the old carpet preparing for battle. This includes any doors and door stops, as well as any sliding rails and floor vent covers if there are any.

Once this is done, your long-awaited satisfaction in ripping out the old carpet cleaning Tempe AZ is upon you. Using a crowbar or similar tool, start in one corner and pull the carpet up and away along one wall folding it over as you go. While it might seem like extra work, cutting the carpet into strips that are 3 feet long using a Stanley knife will make it easier for you when taking it out of the room. Start pulling the carpet from along the wall all the way to the center, folding it up as you go along.

Once you see the carpet mesh at the back, you can then cut it up to make your job even easier, using a sharp razor blade. After removing each 3ft section, roll it up and bind it with duct tape so that it stays in place.

Tear Out the Carpet Pad

This is probably the easiest part of the job, and only involves lifting the carpet pad up and placing it in a trash bag. Depending on your carpet pad’s age, brand and style, it might come up in large pieces or small pieces.

Remove the Carpet Staples

The floor needs to be smooth and clean so all the old Tempe carpet cleaning staples must be removed with a floor scraper or nail puller. This is not an easy job, so you might want to ask for help on this one.

Replace Damaged Tack Strips

The old tack strips need to be replaced with new ones before you install the new carpet. Finally, your hard work is almost done. The last step in the cleaning out process is to secure any loose floorboard so that the floor is as level as you can get it.

Secure Squeaky Floor Boards

Stomp on the floor to hear if there are any squeaks that you need to be aware of, and put a screw through each one that you find.

Install the New Carpet

Now you are ready to install your new carpet. First roll out your new padding, cut it to size and staple it down. Using a powerful staple gun will make quick work of this, stapling every few inches ensuring every part of the floor is covered. When you buy your new carpet, remember to add an extra foot to the dimensions on each side because you will need to cut pieces off to fit around cupboard spaces and the like. Unroll the new carpet and shift as required so it overhangs all of the walls.

You will then literally have to kick the carpet until it fits well using a tool known as a knee kicker, starting along one wall and working your way around the room. This will then enable the carpet to stretch over the tackless strips.

The hard part comes next when you have to tuck the carpet cleaning Tempe AZ edge between the wall and the tack strips. Use any flat-bladed tool for this as long as you can get it between the edges. You now have a room that has carpet flapping upwards all around the edges where you’ve tucked it in, and these will have to be cut off in line with the floor.

It’s best to use a carpet cutting tool or trimmer to ensure the cut is flush with the walls and door frames. Step back and smile at your handiwork before starting to replace all the furnishings.