Guest Groups: Set Your Table Dutch-Master Style

Not sure what direction to go for your Thanksgiving table this year? Leave the autumn foliage, pumpkin tureens, chestnuts and iron squirrel candle holders independently, and turn instead to the distinctive, light, rich saturation and still-life ephemera of a Dutch Master painting. This way when drunk Nana cleans her fourth glass of Pinot Noir, it will look like a part of this tablescape. Awesome!

All you need to make this happen to your real life table are a few essentials. Stick to some rich palette at which each component pops off the other: black, white, grey, cream, silver, pewter, gold and green. Then throw a few found objects in there like seashells, feathers, a few well-placed fruit and blammo: instantaneous still life! — Jenny from My Favourite and My Very Best

These initial two gorgeous prints are all available for sale. How amazing would a big one maintain a contemporary frame in a really modern, simple dining room? Truly brilliant!

Take advantage of these prints as inspiration to your still-life tablescape. They are complete with all the elements you’ll need to make it ideal: glistening white tablecloth, green goblets, plenty of prosperity and richness.

Jayson Home

Antique Pewter Plate – $48

Pewter is an obvious choice for your plate situation. Or you could just grab some and use them as platters to maintain a perfectly crumpled white napkin, a few world grapes or cheese balls.

Jayson Home

Gold Nautilus Shell – $45

This golden nautilus shell provides the right amount of shine and pretty to the dining table. Bear in mind, you’re creating something amazing and paint-worthy. Do not judge its uselessness.

Jayson Home

Horn Handle Servers – $45

These ebony hornhandled serving utensils include a traveled richness to the table.

Jayson Home

Classic Cutting Board – $65

Classic wooden cutting boards are a great way to serve bread and other nibbles. You could also use them as hot plates to your own stuffing and mashed potatoes.


Sculpted Cultivars Platter, Rectangle – $68

The blacker and more slender, the better, I say. This serving platter from Anthropologie is a great beginning point for the remainder of the dining table. The Dutch Masters frequently used black in the background so that each one the table ephemera popped off the canvas.

Little Flower School

Dutch Masters Class (Second edition) – $250

Flowers are super important here, but which kind? The folks at Little Flower School state,”moody, lush and lush structures that celebrate the bounty of the year” Little Flower School, located in Brooklyn, N.Y., actually gives courses on the best way to organize a Dutch Master–style flower arrangement. How cool is that?

This gorgeous print is available for sale. It’s a spectacular example of the type of floral arrangement you’ll want to complete the ideal Dutch Master–inspired table setting.


Pair of Vintage Brass Candelabras by High Street Market

These vintage brass candelabras out of High Street Market are number one in my wish list. They’d add such great character to some table.


Helianthus Goblet – $8

I am pretty sure every Dutch Master nevertheless life has a green goblet present. I would use these for water.

Leopard Cone Shell – GBP 8.50

Throw around a few leopard cone cubes for good measure. These were a favorite choice for painters because of their detail.

ABC Carpet & Home

Ripple Porcelain Plates – $30

These charcoal porcelain plates out of ABC Home are so lavish and could be amazing on a white tablecloth.

Gracious Home

Sferra Classico 100% Linen – $6.35

Speaking of white tablecloths, this linen one from Gracious house is a classic.


Eggplant Jar – $16

Most still-life paintings are all about the food — again, it demonstrated your skill level. But if throwing a few raw savoy cabbages in the desk does not seem appealing to you, then utilize this adorable little eggplant jar out of Anthropologie instead. You could put anything inside: softened butter, salt, your favourite nuts, a few Xanax, etc..


Rondo Gold Cutlery, 5-Piece Establish – $85

Gold, gold, gold, gold and gold. At this point I want to transfer these to the number one place in my tablescape wishlist.

Jayson Home

Pheasant Feather Mat – $24

If a tablecloth isn’t your thing, these pheasant feather placemats are a seriously trendy replacement. They are so beautiful.

Jayson Home

Classic Demijohn Bottles – $65

Vintage demijohns are great if you have a big table to dress and want to keep it simple. Place a few down the middle in addition to your simple black plates, gold flatware and crisp, white tablecloth. They are ideal for a still life–inspired table setting, since they were used a fantastic deal in real still life paintings.

West Elm

Cross-Dye Basic Napkin Set – $16

These napkins from West Elm are a fantastic affordable option, plus they come in these fantastic colors. My money’s on that plummy purple or green.

One Kings Lane

Philmore S/2 Green Turban Cellars/Spoons – $15

These little shell salt cellars would be your cat’s balls! (Is that an expression? Well, they are.) My husband could say that these are a”smart buy” since they are adorable and practical. Whatever it takes to get him to agree with any purchase that I create is a win-win circumstance.

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