Geek Chic: Brains Stay in Harmony

We have all learned of the Left Brain vs. Right Brain concept. Mathematics and Science vs. Imagination. Logic vs. Instinct. Analytic vs. Holistic. The list continues. The thought got me thinking about house layout. Perhaps my left brain buddies (and spouse) do not appreciate this layout, enhance, make-your-home-look-fine thing as much as I do because they’ve nothing to connect with. Or do they?

In Case you stay with someone who who appear to comprehend why you swoon over sites like Houzz or why you keep 100s of journal clippings on your wall, perhaps it is time you introduce some new parts to make them feel more at home. Like they do to get a minute believe. The type of areas does she or he enjoy? Mathematics, science, maps … geeky, brainy matters? Valentine’s Day is an excellent time to reveal a small left brain love. A blossom-filled beaker, anybody? Below are a few pictures to aid along my purpose.

Funky Junk Interiors

Rules and equipment. Are Not these stairway wonderful? This reminded me that I ‘ve a wooden rule selection I Have been assembling over time. And I see equipment that are arbitrary at sales rather often; they’d make great paper weights.

Hint: for those who have a few wood yardsticks, reduce them down to changing lengths and stand them in a hurricane vase when there isn’t clean flowers.

Laura Bendik Interiors

Constellation solar-system and graph. Perhaps I Had understand where to locate Andromeda basically had one of those hanging near my window.

mark gerwing

Telescope. And easily can not locate Andromeda, then maybe one of these will assist. Next instance you are at an estate or auction sale, look to get a telescope. I’ve always desired one-but have however to locate one for the cost that was correct. They seem cool and only take up mini Mal room.

Erin Lang Norris

Arithmetic. I acquired a package of classic flash cards via an antique shop several months ago for less than two dollars. This operates for the time being, although I want to get a big framework for them.

Nicole Lanteri Style

Abacus. This massive wall bit is quite sweet, is not it? It is from the set in the event you’re interested.

Suggestion: I am guessing that some thing like this could be fairly simple to reproduce using a couple of dowel sticks, paint, an outdated framework and a few big wooden beads if this variant just isn’t in your financial plan. Perhaps it is possible to even get your partner in on this one (if, needless to say, you fall to the proper vs. left home I am talking about).

Cristi Holcombe Interiors, LLC

Another abacus…as well as a jellyfish I Have been maintaining my eyes peeled to get a modest counting frame in this way. It’d look wonderful on a desk or a book shelf. And that jelly fish on the wall seems like a thing that might happen to be pared from my biology instructor class-room.

Kerrie L. Kelly

Patterns. What Is to not love about them? They’ve been interesting and graphical and it is a simple means to put in a good color of blue to your own walls. I understand they’re out there, although I’ve not been fortunate enough to locate one however. You have to seem.

Michelle Hinckley

Maps. Perhaps if I ‘d one of these in my residence I’d understand where all my globetrotting buddies are in fact going…

Hint: should you not have enough room or do not need a world map, I lately located a classic map of my state on Etsy. My buddies are constantly asking where they are able to get one. The colours are amazing! Try a quick lookup to see that which it is possible to find.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

Property maps. I actually enjoy just how this set is shown! These maps are s O much pleasure, and I used to be even in a position to get among my own, personal locality through Google before we purchased our house

Tip: You may buy a map of your region similar to among these at Historic Map Works.

The Locker

Globes. I understand a certain someone that is needing one for years. Perhaps it is time I get him one. I see them at thrift shops each of the time nevertheless they are never the colour that is perfect. Purchase one currently and only I simply should appear past the colour matter.

Tomar Lampert Associates

Dinos. I can’t-get of these these men. They get this to room sense therefore sensible, do not they?

Schwartz and Architecture

Specimens. I am unsure how many folks really have accessibility (or need to possess access) to the oddities which can be inhabiting these jars, but you can always try something different. Only no fingernail groups, okay?

What components of geek smart have you got at home?

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