Establish a Spell With Outdoor Lights

What Is better outside in Summer Time. Take advantage of the warm weather and spend your evenings outside with a brightly lit porch or patio. Choosing an exterior fixture adds charm, curb appeal and character to any home, and makes for a relaxing outdoor area. Do not worry — choosing the right fixture doesn’t need to be overpowering. Read on for a couple of straightforward tips to select outdoor fixtures which light up the evening.

Debra Campbell Design

Proportion is key when choosing outdoor fittings. A pair of lanterns like this ought to be approximately one-fourth the height of the doorway.

Canyon Construction

If you’re using a single lantern, or in case you want to earn a big impact with your lighting option, bump up the size to one-third the height of the doorway. When in doubt, go somewhat bigger. A too-small fixture can ruin the expression of an entryway.

Need your lighting to add curb appeal? Do not be afraid of a bigger fixture — fittings will look half the size from only 50 feet away.

InterDesign Studio

Choose a fixture color that matches the exterior of the home. Bronze seems fantastic with earth tones and has become popular in interiors and exteriors. Brass is less popular, because it doesn’t tend to consume as well as some additional substances. If you love the look of brass, make sure to select a weather-resistant finish.

Rethink Design Studio

An easy white fixture combines beautifully with white decor. If your shutters and front door are black, then a black lantern can coordinate well.

Frosted glass is a great low-maintenance choice for outside lighting. It prevents glare and doesn’t need to be washed as frequently as glass.

Stonewood, LLC

A pair of fixtures flanking the doorway is sufficient for some people, but for light that really makes a statement, a coordinating chandelier is excellent.

Cornerstone Architects

We can not think of anything more inviting than the warm flicker of a stunning pair of gas stoves. Natural gas is less expensive to operate, however for a few, propane is more easily available, which makes it a much better option. A lot of the current gas fittings are available with an electric start, consequently turning your fittings on and off is as straightforward as the flip of a switch.

Nothing says “party” like outdoor rope lights! They are a fun alternative to conventional outdoor lighting and give diners a view of the plates without being too fussy.

Urban Landscape

Outdoor task lighting is essential if you’re seeking to do more than sit on your porch or patio. Pin lights such as these are perfect for studying outdoors on a warm summer’s night.

Pottery Barn

Bolton Lantern – $399

The weathered bronze of this lantern looks great with practically any exterior color. The lantern shape coordinates nicely with other exterior fixtures.

Large Sussex Bracket Lantern – $1,260

A massive lantern such as this one from Circa Lighting is sure to be eye catching, even in the distance.

Circa Lighting

Moderate Marine Serpentine Arm Wall Light – $588

A smaller fixture like this is perfect for achieving a look that is noticeable without being overpowering.

Neiman Marcus

Portobello Lantern – $225

This Portobello Lantern covers all of the bases for exterior lighting. Its colour looks great with most decors, and at 27 inches tall, it’s a fantastic match for the majority of entryways.


Space Basics Clear Globe Lights – $14.99

An enjoyable outdoor touch doesn’t need to cost a good deal. These beautiful strands are from Target. We like the way the colour is a bit muted.

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