Alstroemeria Propagation

Alstroemeria is a genus of flowering plants indigenous to South America. Alstroemeria species produce vivid blooms which can be attractive both as developing in a backyard or cut flowers. Their shoots develop from rhizomes, or underground stems. Even though they are able to be developed from seeds that germinate badly alstroemeria species are usually propagated by dividing their rhizomes. They are propagated by many growers . Even though they are going to perform best in the parts of these areas alstroemeria will increase 14 through 17.

Dividing Rhizomes

Divide Alstroemeria rhizomes in the spring. Cut the plants 6 to 8″ over the floor about 10 to 15 times before the rhizomes are divided by you. Alstroemeria rhizomes develop 12 to 15 Be sure to get most of the roots as well as the growing factors when you find out the rhizomes. Leave the shoots. You need to get 10 to 15 rhizomes ideal for planting from a 1-year old plant and 20 to 25 of use rhizomes from a 2-year old plant.

Planting Rhizome Divisions

Alstroemeria will increase in most kinds of soils provided that they have been well-drained. Plant them 12 to 18 inches apart in rows or 6″ deep in pots. Alstroemeria will usually flower 1-0 to 15 months when they are planted by you. Also you need to divide the rhizomes, and they are going to flower properly for two to four years, after which the stems start to slim and plant begins that are new.

Propagation by Seeds

Plant Alstroemeria seeds from November. Soak them for 1-2 hrs, then with planting medium in a seed tray, cover them. Store the tray in in direct light at 35 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The seeds will germinate and gradually, with no more than 20% of the complete growing and sprouting. The ones that do germinate will be prepared to transplant in four to to 6 months. Seedlings have brittle roots, therefore be cautious when you transplant them. Plant them 2″ deep. They are going to mature in a different six to 10 months.

Growing Temperatures

Alstroemeria will prosper that common between 63 to 72 levels Fahrenheit. S Oil temperatures and cool evenings between 5-7 and 63 levels F will give the most readily useful outcomes. They’re going to grow gradually between 48 and 50 levels F. Keep the temperature between 50 to 5 7 degrees F in cold temperatures and the drop, should you grow them in a greenhouse.

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