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Something a Little Different: Fairy Houses

This really is something a little different than what it is you’re used to watching on Houzz, but after walking through a cold house neighborhood (what my grandfather always known as”the deep, dark forest”), I felt compelled to share this unique structure with you. Nestled into the moss, hidden rocks, under the spruce tree branches, Read more about <p>Something a Little Different: Fairy Houses</p>[…]

Obtaining it Wright: Now’s Prairie Style

Since the 19th century the 20th century was dawning, a bunch of architects and designers at the Upper Midwest banded together to form the Prairie School. An entirely new approach to national design, the Prairie School featured a new language. Rooms made from four walls and smaller holes for windows have been replaced with cantilevered Read more about <p>Obtaining it Wright: Now’s Prairie Style</p>[…]

11 Ways to Create a Bright Space with Dark Furniture

Are you wanting to redecorate around dim furniture and feeling like there’s no way to attain a bright space? Think that your only options are new furniture or a visit to the upholsterer? It is no secret that furniture and reupholstering are expensive, but there’s no requirement to go that path. Rather, embrace your dark Read more about <p>11 Ways to Create a Bright Space with Dark Furniture</p>[…]

Kitchen of the Week: Quirky Texas Remodel

This Austin, Texas kitchen a part of a 130-year-old home possessed by Houzz reader Robert Mace. A mishmash of classic pieces and salvaged materials, Mace explains the area’s look as “Grandma on acid” The majority of this home was constructed in the early 1890s, in a normal Louisiana shotgun-shack design. Mace purchased the home after Read more about <p>Kitchen of the Week: Quirky Texas Remodel</p>[…]