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11 Ways to Create a Bright Space with Dark Furniture

Are you wanting to redecorate around dim furniture and feeling like there’s no way to attain a bright space? Think that your only options are new furniture or a visit to the upholsterer? It is no secret that furniture and reupholstering are expensive, but there’s no requirement to go that path. Rather, embrace your dark Read more about <p>11 Ways to Create a Bright Space with Dark Furniture</p>[…]

Kitchen of the Week: Quirky Texas Remodel

This Austin, Texas kitchen a part of a 130-year-old home possessed by Houzz reader Robert Mace. A mishmash of classic pieces and salvaged materials, Mace explains the area’s look as “Grandma on acid” The majority of this home was constructed in the early 1890s, in a normal Louisiana shotgun-shack design. Mace purchased the home after Read more about <p>Kitchen of the Week: Quirky Texas Remodel</p>[…]

The best way to Plant Canby Raspberries

Grow sweet berries without the thorns. Canby raspberries (Rosaceae cv. Canby) are a summer-bearing cultivar that bursts with vivid, bright-red berries in the plant’s second year canes. Raspberries are hardy in Sunset Climate Zones 1 5 through 17 and prosper in the Bay Region. Having a little planning, you increase and can plant Canby raspberries, Read more about The best way to Plant Canby Raspberries[…]

Tulip Fungus

Beloved by gardeners around the planet, tulips (Tulipa) provide bursts of radiant colour to lawns using their unique cup shaped blooms. The perennial contains more than 100 species and grows in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant-hardiness zones 4 to 8. The most significant illnesses that impact tulips contain those caused by fungi, crops that are Read more about Tulip Fungus[…]